Steel Hunter Stage 4: Twitch Drops for the Final Expedition


November 16, 2020 at 07:00 CET through November 23, 2020 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1)

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You're almost at the finish line of the grand Expedition of 2020. Only one more Stage lies ahead of you, from November 16 at 07:00 CET through November 23 at 04:00 CET (UTC+1). Are you ready for the final Steel Hunter event? New in-game rewards await, and of course, there are more tokens to collect that can be traded in for the fantastic reward tanks.

But that’s not all! Your favorite content creators will once again go head-to-head and fight for the title of Brawl Club Champion.

Brawl Club: Big Tournament Qualifier

This time, 36 well-known Content Creators from all regions have signed up as members of the Brawl Club. The participants will head into Steel Hunter battles to collect points depending on their placement. In addition to bragging rights as the best Steel Hunter players, the top 20 at the end of the event will receive an invitation to a big tournament later this year. We can’t say much more right now, but trust us, they won't want to sit this one out.

Keep an eye on the portal for more details closer to the tournament.

We will update you with a list of the top 20 Brawl Club members after Stage 4 is completed.

Brawl Club Conditions


The main goal for content creators is to earn the maximum amount of points during the season. We count only the 5 best battles played during the day.

Points are awarded depending on the post-battle position.

  • 1st place — 7 points
  • 2nd place — 6 points
  • 3rd place — 5 points
  • 4th place — 4 points
  • 5th place — 3 points
  • 6th place — 2 points
  • 7th place — 1 point
  • 8th place — 0 points

If content creators have an equal amount of points, the total maximum amount of damage dealt will be taken into account. If content creators have the same amount of damage, we'll look into the number of destroyed vehicles.


Brawl Club Leaderboard

Released with the start of Steel Hunter Stage 4—November 16 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1).

Twitch Drops for Club Members

Available from November 16 at 06:00 CET through November 20 at 23:00 CET (UTC+1) on all participating Twitch Channels

Brawl Club Members are encouraged to collect as many points as they can from the first day of Steel Hunter Stage 4, and are welcome to stream their efforts to reach the top positions in the standing. Nevertheless, a little encouragement can’t hurt either, especially when the audience will reap the rewards!

Therefore, we will enable Twitch Drops during the first five days of the event for all the Twitch Channels of the participating content creators, as well as the Official World of Tanks Twitch channel during its regular streaming times.

Cheer for your favorite Twitch streamers from November 16 through November 20 and earn plenty of rewards just by watching.

Twitch Drops Guide

The longer you watch, the higher your chance to receive the following*:

  • Regular Drops (guaranteed):
    • After 45 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +50% XP for 1 hour
    • After 90 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +200% Crew XP for 2 hours
    • After 120 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +100% XP for 1 hour
    • After 180 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +300% Crew XP for 1 hour
    • After 240 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +100% XP for 2 hours
    • After 300 minutes: 1 Personal Reserve: +300% Crew XP for 2 hours
    • After 350 minutes: 1 Garage slot
  • Epic Drop (not guaranteed):
    • After 60 minutes: 1 bundle of the four Steel Hunter 2D styles (Shield of Artemis, Shield of Ullr, Shield of Anhur, Shield of Devana)

Please note that each Twitch Drop can be received only once per account for the entire duration of the event. Regular drops are guaranteed after the indicated watch time. Epic Drops depend on probability and are not guaranteed for everyone.

Important: Your World of Tanks account and your Prime Gaming account have to be linked for a chance to receive Twitch Drops. Click here for a how-to guide: Link Your Accounts.

Stage 4 Changes

Since the last Stage, several changes have been made to the game mode:

  • Dual gun settings for French and Soviet vehicles are updated to increase their effectiveness in battle.
  • Anonymizer will now support Steel Hunter.
  • We fixed an issue where spotted enemies could disappear from the minimap after using radar.

Stage 4 Rewards

Head to Dreamland or Arzagir 4.04 as a Survivor, Hunter, or Scout in one of five event tanks and use special abilities to take out your enemies. In the end, only one tank commander or squad will be victorious!

Complete daily missions to earn Hunter points that unlock different reward levels with a unique 2D style, bonds, credits, and more.

New "Sword of Devana" 2D style

Upon reaching Level 15, you will receive special rewards—the unique 2D style* "Sword of Devana" and Expedition tokens. With each Stage, one additional 2D style (Shield of Devana) will be available for purchase in-game.

Each Stage will feature a different set of 2D styles.

Expedition Tokens and Reward Tanks

Up to three more Expedition tokens are up for grabs. They are used to claim one of three exclusive Tier IX reward tanks. Check out our guides to take a closer look at each vehicle and help you decide which best suits your playstyle.

AE Phase I Char Futur 4 Object 777 Version II

Compensation for Remaining Tokens at the End of the 2020 Season

After completing Expedition Season 2020, you can get compensation for all your remaining tokens, regardless of whether you have enough to purchase a reward tank or not.

Once the last Stage is over, you still have time until December 4 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1) to exchange tokens for unique reward tanks, if you haven’t grabbed them yet.

After this period is over, all your remaining tokens will be automatically compensated at the rate of 1 token : 250 bonds, even if there are enough to exchange for reward tanks. To get the bonds, you just need to log in to the game client.

You can exchange your tokens for unique reward vehicles at any time during the event, as soon as you have enough of them.

Steel Hunter Equipment in the Store

Are you looking to bring home the colors of the Steel Hunter event? Commemorate the unique game mode with smashing metal posters by Displate, or an exclusive pillow and mug available in the Wargaming Store.

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Head to the regulations page for further information and all the details about this special game mode!

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Roll Out and Hunt!