Wargaming Game Center Welcomes RTS Steel Division 2


Wargaming Game Center is adding its first-ever third-party title: Steel Division 2. A real-time strategy game set in 1944, you’ll find yourself in the heat of the action during one of World War II’s key campaigns — Operation Bagration.

Specialists in real-time military strategy games, Steel Division 2 was developed by Eugen Systems in France. You may recognize some of their previous work, such as Steel Division: Normandy 44, R.U.S.E., and the Act of War and Wargame series.

Steel Division 2: Strategize and Be Victorious

In Steel Division 2, you’ll have an entire army and various forces at your disposal. There are over 600 units in the game from various nations (USSR, Germany, USA and more), which include tanks, infantry, artillery, anti-aircraft guns and warplanes. Each unit will have a different area of effect; tanks will be able to fire over a distance of 2 km whereas, for riflemen, it will be up to 1 km.

Never forget the most important tactic: to successfully push a front or direction, you’ll have to carefully coordinate several types of troops.

Steel Division 2 features 25 different maps with varied topography, all based on real-life battle locales. As well as authentic locations, much attention has been paid to realistically reproduce the military operations as they were in 1944.

The game will offer both single-player campaigns and multiplayer skirmishes against like-minded strategists.

Why We’re Putting It on the WGC

We want Wargaming Game Center to feature not only WG’s in-house titles, but also games that are close in spirit to us and our community. Those games might be of different genres, but the things they will have in common are tactical gameplay and team interaction.

Next year, we will release Partisans 1941 on the WGC; it’s a tactical strategy game developed by Alter Games where you will lead and control a partisan detachment. You will control each squad member, build and reinforce the partisan camp and improve each partisan’s skills.

Be on the lookout for announcements of more games coming to the WGC in the future!