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New Football Mode Designs From SpreadShirt

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As you are probably aware, many nations of Europe are currently going footballing mad with the spectacle of European football currently underway in France; to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have our very own football mode. Not only this, we are excited to announce that SpreadShirt are adding three new designs (to their already vast collection of World of Tanks designs) featuring tanks playing football, which go hand-in-hand with our special mode! These designs can be added to an array of products, including mobile phone cases, t-shirts, beer mugs and mugs to name but a few!


If you're looking for something else, you will be able to customise apparel and accessories by adding the World of Tanks logo, in-game emblems, your in-game name, clan logo or any other image you wish - with SpreadShirt, the world is your oyster!


The SpreadShirt marketplace is available in English, Polish and German but will deliver within the EU!

About SpreadShirt:

Spreadshirt, an innovative global e-commerce platform for print-on-demand apparel and accessories, enables everyone to easily buy, sell, create and share their ideas on over 220 different products.

Examples of "spreading it" with Spreadshirt include social influencers from all genres, such as gaming, YouTube creators, entertainment companies, non-profit organisations and over 70,000 partners.


Roll Out and play ball in style, Commanders!