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Special Public Test: Strongholds

Bug-fix patch was applied 6 October 21:00 CEST (UTC +2). Battles for Strongholds are now available. 


Version 9.3 brought a lot of changes to the game including new functionalities to the Strongholds game mode. We are not resting on our laurels, however, and continue working on further developing the game mode. As a result, on 3 October we will be launching a dedicated test phase for the Strongholds game mode and invite you to take part in the testing.

Main features of the Strongholds Public Test

  • Possibility to create a Stronghold and upgrade it to Level 10. Any clan member can create a Stronghold!
  • Ability to build Structures that produce special Reserves (bonuses), which can be upgraded to Level 10.
  • Possibility to set a Defending Period for a Stronghold. Can be done by any clan member.
  • Ability to attack the Strongholds of other clans. Can be done by any clan member.
  • All functionalities of Strongholds from the main game client are enabled.
  • Possibility to participate in a Skirmish to earn Industrial Resources with X5 income rate for Resources.

Read more about the Strongholds game mode or see our Frequently Asked Questions for helpful advice.

General information:

  1. The public test will be available from 3 October.
  2. Every player can participate in the Public Test as long as they have registered their account before 29 September 2014.
  3. If a player changes their password shortly before the start of the test, authorisation for the test server will be available with their previous password. 
  4. Only clans that have been registered before 29 September 2014 can participate in the Public Test. Please be aware that all clan tags will be changed randomly during the Public Test.

Please note that any changes made on the Public Test server only apply for the Public Test and will have no effect on the live servers.


Test Client Download

  1. Download the test client installer.
  2. Make sure you pick a save location that is different to your regular World of Tanks game files. Save and run the installer
  3. Run the new copy of the game. The launcher will download all the additional data


Please be aware of the following:

  • No payments are available on the test server.
  • Each player will get 20,000 gold, 100,000,000 free XP and 100,000,000 credits during the test period.
  • The Earning of XP and Credits will be at their normal values.
  • All achievements granted during testing will not be transferred to your regular account. 


Scheduled Test Server Restarts

  • First periphery: 06:00 CEST (04:00 UTC) daily. Average duration: 25 minutes.
  • Second periphery: 07:00 CEST (05:00 UTC) daily. Average duration: 25 minutes.
  • Central Database: 11:00 CEST (09:00 UTC) daily. Average duration: 2 minutes.

Please let us know your comments on the dedicated forum section and report any bugs you find.




Roll out!