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New Packages in the Gift Shop!

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The heat of summer is finally upon us.  To celebrate, we have three new packagesin the Gift Shop.  These packages will last for the whole of July, but then they will be gone!  So why not take the opportunity to treat a special someone to the wonderful surprise of a brand new tank?

The offers are available for the following packages:

FCM36 Pak40

The FCM36 Pak40 is a French tier III tank destroyer. It is a relatively slow vehicle for its tier, going only 24 km/h, but it has an amazing gun, the 75 mm PaK 40/2, which can deliver a killing punch to any and all enemies it meets on the battlefield. Together with this package you will receive a free garage slot for your brand new tank destroyer and 900 gold.


M22 Locust

The M22 Locust is an American tier III light tank. It has not only got an amazing top speed of 64 km/h, but it is also equipped with the 37 mm M-6 gun, which is very good for its tier. The M22 makes for an awesome front line tank in low tier battles as well as a great scout for higher tier battles. Together with the package you will receive a garage slot for your brand new tank and 800 gold


The Ram-II is an American tier V medium tank. This tank is not the fastest medium in World of Tanks, but it has got very thick armor for its tier and is relatively small. It’s got a great rate of fire and even though the damage per shell is not high, the penetration values make it almost certain that a good hit will penetrate the enemy armor of an equally-tiered tank. Together with this package you will receive a free garage slot for your brand new tank and 700 gold.

Remember, these packages are available for a limited period only!  Why not check out the Gift Shop and think of a special someone who would love to receive one of these vehicles!

Happy gift giving!