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Special Offer: Golden Joystick Victory Party!

General News
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As promised, the special that we announced would happen if we won the Golden Joystick in the Best MMO category, will be taking place from 2nd November, 06:30 CET (05:30 GMT) until November 5th, 06.00  (05:00 GMT). Enjoy the following discounts and presents:

x5 XP for first victory

50% Discount on equipment

Price reduction on high tier vehicles. These tanks will be discounted to the price of their predecessors in the Tech Tree (around 30% discount).

The tanks being reduced are as follows:

Tier IX Medium Tanks

  • T-54 (Soviet)
  • E-50 (German)
  • M46 Patton (American)
  • Lorraine 40t (French)
  • Centurion Mk. 7/1 (British)


Tier IX Heavy Tanks

  • IS-8 (Soviet)
  • ST-1 (Soviet)
  • E-75 (German)
  • VK 4502 (P) Ausf. B (German)
  • M103 (American)
  • AMX 50 120 (French)
  • Conqueror (British)


Tier VII Self-Propelled Guns

  • Object 212 (Soviet)
  • GW Tiger (German)
  • M40/M43 (American)
  • Lorraine 155/51 (French)


Tier IX Tank Destroyers

  • AMX 50 Foch (French)
  • T95 (American)
  • T30 (American)
  • Jagdtiger (German)
  • SU-122-54 (Soviet)
  • Object 704 (Soviet)


Tier VIII Premium Vehicles will receive a 15% discount! Please note that this discount is only applicable in the in-game Store. It is not active in the Gift Shop feature.

  • Tier VIII German Heavy tank Lowe
  • Tier VIII American Heavy Tank T34
  • Tier VIII American Medium Tank T26E4 Super Pershing
  • Tier VIII German Tank Destroyer 8.8cm Pak43 Jagdtiger
  • Tier VIII Soviet Heavy tank IS-6

50% Discount on garage slots

50% Discount on crew training and retraining

50% Discount on skills reset

Bonus code, which will give you 3 days of Premium Account and additional premium consumables!  This will be issued in a separate news tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!

We wish to thank all our players for their support in the Golden Joystick Awards.  Roll out, commanders!