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Original Game Soundtrack Now Available

Are you a fan of the music in game? Does the soundtrack fill you with the thrill and excitement of a adrenaline-filled battle?

We are pleased to announce that the full game soundtrack is now available for download. The music for World of Tanks was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. There are currently 37 tracks for World of Tanks and eight tracks for World of Warplanes, with more music to come for both titles as new versions are released.

“Music plays an important role in the overall experience of a video game, so a lot of effort was put into both soundtracks to ensure the highest quality of sound possible,” explains Sergey Phomin, Audio Director for World of Tanks. “Having the opportunity to add the finishing touches to our soundtrack at the studio where music legends like the Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded their albums was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.”

The soundtrack can be downloaded free of charge from our dedicated portal page. You can also download it for free (subject to any minimum fees) here:






Can you hear the sounds of battle, Commanders?