Soldiers of Fortune: An Update on Compensation


The Soldiers of Fortune attracted many players. For a variety of reasons, the Global Map performance continued to decrease during the previous play day. Clans were unable to arrange battles and players were unable to manage their Personal Bonuses. At the same time, arranged battles were fought with delays causing them to overlap each other in time.

The main technical issues of the Global Map have now been fixed and we will keep working on the optimization.

What Next?

We will not restart the event: a large number of normal battles were fought within the day and resetting the progress of tens of thousands of players would be unfair.

Instead, we will do the following:

  • All no-show penalties received by the affected clans on January 21 will be canceled. Also, all clan Fame Points that were deducted due to these issues will be returned. Moreover, clans will receive compensation of 100 Research Points for each technical defeat. The points will be credited soon.
  • The prize pool has been increased by 800 vehicles; thus, the vehicle cost in Personal Fame points will be equal to the number of Personal Fame points owned by the player who takes position 10,800. This has been done because those who faced technical issues would have to put even more effort into receiving the reward vehicle.
  • An additional 200 vehicles will be available via the auctions – 600 in total.


Thank you for your understanding.

Roll out!