Sneak Peek: October Specials


With the post-summer blues behind us, it is time to tackle the last quarter of the year, and build up speed before the great finale. Take a look at the special events we have planned for October, leading up to the exciting Halloween party!

Check the details of the events on the portal throughout the month, so you don't miss any interesting opportunities!


  • Top of the Tree
  • Spotlight: Tank Destroyers
  • More Credits
  • Upgrade your arsenal
  • XP Fever
  • Trick or Treat!
Top of the Tree

1–31 October: The Top of the Tree specials highlight top-tier tanks and provide nice discounts and bonuses on their branches for the entire month. This month, the floor goes to the T110E3, the sturdy and powerful American tank destroyer.

Spotlight: Tank Destroyers

7–10 October: The big guns in World of Tanks are standing in the spotlight. Enjoy great discounts on this class for an entire weekend!

More Credits

14–17 October: You know very well that when it comes to tanks, there is no such thing as too much money. Luckily with this special offer, you will be able to get as close to rich as possible.

Upgrade your arsenal

19–31 October: Do you want something fresh and exciting from the premium arsenal? Take one of your premium vehicles gathering dust in the dark corner of your garage, return in to the store, and get a discount for the new machine!

XP Fever

21–24 October: Looks like World of Tanks is infected with XP flu. No medication is required, just rack up those XP and blaze through the tech trees at light speed!

Trick or Treat!

28–31 October: Massive discounts on a variety of useful gear and customisation options await you. There will be also a special mission granting you a nice serving of the tastiest treats!


Roll out!