Sneak Peek: June Specials


Now that June is here, it's getting really hot outside. The only place hotter than that is the battlefield, because this month we've prepared plenty of specials for you to check out. Take a look at our schedule below and brace yourselves for the following:

June Specials

  • Top of the Tree
  • Prepare yourself for the new Ranked Battle Mode!
  • Supply Box Challenge
  • Operation Overlord
  • Spotlight: Tank Destroyers
  • Who let the Ducks out?
  • Tankfest 2017
Top of the Tree

1 June – 30 June: The Top of the Tree specials highlight top-tier tanks and provide nice discounts and bonuses on their branches for the entire month. This month, the floor goes to the WZ-132-1, the new Chinese light tank.

Prepare yourself for the new Ranked Battle Mode!

1 June – 4 June: With Update 9.19, the new Ranked Battles are being introduced. Don't have enough Tier X vehicles to participate with? No problem, with this bonus you can get up to speed and get yourself one or more when the mode goes live:

  • x2 XP for each victory with any Tier VIII–X vehicle
Supply Box Challenge

1 June – 30 June: Earn three different Supply Boxes, filled to the brim with great rewards. Work your way up to the largest Supply Box and win the following:

  • Personal Reserves
  • Consumables
  • Premium Account
  • A permanent emblem
Operation Overlord

3 June – 5 June: One of the most famous operations of WWII that started with Operation Neptune, also known as D-Day. All participating nations are on discount, next to some special missions with neat rewards. The Special includes:

  • x3 XP for the first victory
  • Discounts on German, American, French, and British standard vehicles
  • Missions
Spotlight: Tank Destroyers

10 June – 12 June: While the Military Parade might be over, the tank class specials are still underway. Bring out the big guns and enjoy the following:

  • x2 Crew XP while playing tank destroyers
  • Discounts on Premium and standard tank destroyers
  • Missions
Who let the Ducks out?

17 June – 19 June: A small and fun special with the AMX 40 in the spotlight. The duck hunt season has officially started! Will you be the hunter or the hunted? The special includes:

  • x3 XP for the first victory
  • Discounts on French vehicles
  • Missions
Tankfest 2017

24 June – 26 June: Another year, another huge military event in Bovington that you shouldn't miss. Come visit us at Tankfest or play some World of Tanks at home. Either way, you can look forward to a very special guest.

  • x2 XP for each victory
  • Discounts on British vehicles, Crew Skill resets and equipment
  • A special mission


Roll out!