Sneak Peek: July Specials


July promises to be one of the best months of the year, with a variety of huge events and specials. Check below to see what's waiting for you!

July Specials

  • Top of the Tree: Object 140
  • Battle of Kursk
  • Tank Marathon
  • Summer Sales
  • Special: Summer Sales
  • Dunkirk
  • Experience Fever!
Top of the Tree: Object 140

1 July – 31 July: The Top of the Tree specials highlight top-tier tanks and provide nice discounts and bonuses on their branches for the entire month. This month, the floor goes to the Object 140, a very versatile medium tank.

Battle of Kursk

1 July – 3 July: A special to commemorate the largest tank battle in history. The following is waiting for you:

  • Discounts on Premium vehicles, Premium Account, and more
  • x2 Crew XP
  • Missions
Tank Marathon

7 July – 24 July: Earn yourself a new Premium vehicle for your arsenal by earning tokens, which you receive by completing daily missions, next to other neat rewards. More info coming soon!

Summer Sales

7 July – 17 July: It's so hot outside that the prices for popular Premium vehicles are melting away! Get your favourites for the highest discount we ever offered on high-tier Premium tanks!

Special: Summer Sales

15 July – 17 July: For the last days of the Summer sales, we give it our all again, with the following bonuses and discounts:

  • x3 Crew XP
  • Discount on Premium vehicles
  • Better Free XP to Crew XP conversion rate
  • And much, much more!

22 July – 24 July: We celebrate the release of the new film "Dunkirk" with an experience multiplier we've never had before:

  • x4 XP for the first victory
  • A special mission
Experience Fever!

29 July – 31 July: To bring an eventful July to a close, we have prepared an XP-themed special for you with the following:

  • x3 XP for the first victory
  • Better XP to Free XP exchange rate
  • A vast selection of XP missions


Roll out!