Sneak Peek: January Specials


2017 is about to end, but it doesn't mean that our efforts to keep you busy and entertained will stop when the clock strikes midnight on 31 December! We wanted to make sure that everyone finds something interesting in the specials for January, so in this preview you will find a nice mix of discounts, bonuses, and missions. Check the portal regularly and stay up to date with everything we have on offer!


  • Weekend Special: x2 XP and Discounts
  • Weekend Special: x3 Crew XP
  • Earn Your Supplies
  • Weekend Special: All In!
  • Weekend Special: Spotlight – Light Tanks
Weekend Special: x2 XP and Discounts

6–9 January: During the first of our January Weekend Specials you will be able to keep your progress speed thanks to the x2 XP bonus for each win. You will probably research new vehicles during this time, and the accompanying discounts will help you get your new machines ready for battle.

Weekend Special: x3 Crew XP

13–16 January: You recently got yourself some new tanks, now you need to think about their crews. It couldn't get much easier than the straightforward mission with a Crew XP multiplier as a reward.

Earn Your Supplies

15–20 January: Join the fray for five consecutive days, and participate in the special battle missions. You will get a chance to claim some useful rewards, and after those missions are over, there will be valuable supplies waiting for you at the end of the event. Just roll out, and do your best!

Weekend Special: All In!

20-23 January: You'd better keep this weekend free, because with such an offer you will want to get as much play time in as possible. An experience bonus, numerous discounts, and the mission with useful items as rewards are waiting for you.

Weekend Special: Spotlight – Light Tanks

27-30 January: If you are a fan of light tanks, you are going to love this one. Expect an experience bonus, discounts on standard and premium vehicles, and a couple of missions that will help you to take proper care of your crews.

Roll out!