Check Out the Specials for February

Arrows? Check. Bow? Check.

Finally, it's February again, and Cupid is ready to bring soulmates together. Apart from the annual Valentines Special, we've created many more exciting events for you to explore. But enough talk: here's an exclusive sneak peek of our February Specials:

February Specials

  • Lunar New Year
  • Choose Your Difficulty 
  • Team Effort
  • Workout
  • Valentine Special
  • Treat Your Tank
  • Crew Is Crucial
  • XP Fever
  • Ready For Battle
Lunar New Year

1-28 February: The Year of the Pig will start soon! On this occasion, you will be able to win a lot of XP and consumables if you charge into battle with your favourite Chinese vehicles!


x3 XP per victory with a Chinese tank
Choose Your Difficulty 

2-4 February: From Private to Major, choose your difficulty with this special full of great challenges per class.


Missions to win up to +150% more XP per battle
Team Effort

5-8 February: Grab your warhorn; it's time to gather the best tankers in a platoon and/or a clan to unlock great rewards!


x2 Crew XP per battle



9-11 February: Work work work work! ♫ Get ready for some exercise, and a lot of repetitions with this new special - where more tokens give you more rewards!


Personal Reserves up for grabs
Valentine Special

14-17 February: It's time to show your loving side, commanders! Treat yourself with great discounts, chocolate, and a sweet x4 XP bonus!


x4 XP for your first victory of the day
Treat Your Tank

16-18 February: This year, we will extend Valentine's Day with even more occasions to show some love to your favourite vehicles with Personal Reserves, consumables, and equipment!


Win equipment!
Crew Is Crucial

19-22 February: Don't worry though, February will not be entirely dedicated to tanks alone. This new edition of the famous Crew is Crucial is here to restore some balance between them and the men and women who cruise them!


x3 Crew XP per battle
XP Fever

23-25 February: The fever is rising, once again. Prepare your tanks, your pills, and be careful not to let all this XP go to your head!


Amass great Sums of XP
Ready For Battle

26 February-1 March: Charge straight into battle for chain missions, featuring great trials, and a large variety of rewards.


Win equipment! 


Roll out!