Sneak Peek: February Specials


February promises to be an exciting month for all of you. Besides the weekend specials, we have prepared a couple of activities with great rewards. Check out the list below to get a glimpse of what we've got in store this month!


  • Top of the Tree
  • Tank Class Spotlights
  • Mini-marathon
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine Special
  • Supply Raid
Top of the Tree

1–28 February: In February, the French heavy tank line leading up to the fairly new AMX M4 mle. 54 is highlighted in this edition of the monthly special. Climb up the tree and get to this sturdy and powerful top-tier vehicle thanks to great discounts and bonuses!

Tank Class Spotlights

Each weekend, there is a different tank class highlighted. Not only can you look forward to cool bonuses, but amazing discounts as well.

  • 3–5 February: Heavy Tanks
  • 10–13 February: Medium Tanks
  • 24–26 February: Tank Destroyers


4–18 February: Take part in the February mini-marathon! Collect tokens by completing daily missions. Cross the finish line and walk home with a Premium vehicle!

Chinese New Year

6–28 February: Let's celebrate the Chinese New Year with massive bonuses for that nation. If you haven't come around to trying them yet, now is the best time to start climbing up the Chinese tech tree!

Valentine Special

14–18 February: We don't want to spoil too much of this special event, but you'll definitely be pleasantly surprised at what's waiting for you. No Valentine's poems, though.

Supply Raid

19–23 February: If you've taken part in January's Supply Raid, you already know about this event's concept. Complete enough daily missions and get rewarded with great in-game items!

Roll out!