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We have seen an absolute plethora of replays posted on the official World of Tanks forums, some of which are epic in scope.  Thank you for sharing them and keep them coming! We have picked one particularly well-executed and exciting battle to highlight for you. The video stars Twelvehundred commanding a medium tank - the M46 Patton. During the course of the battle, 11 tanks were utterly obliterated!

The eleven tanks destroyed (in kill order):

  1. Type 59, tier VIII medium tank
  2. M24 Chaffee, tier V light tank
  3. Löwe, tier VIII heavy tank
  4. IS-3, tier VIII heavy tank
  5. IS-4, tier X heavy tank
  6. E-75, tier IX heavy tank
  7. VK 4502 (P) Ausf. A, tier VIII heavy tank
  8. PzKpfw VIB Tiger II, tier VIII heavy tank
  9. M26 Pershing, tier VIII heavy tank
  10. Ferdinand, tier VIII tank destroyer
  11. GW Panther, tier VI artillery

See Twelvehundred in action and witness this incredible achievement for yourself:



Recording your own Epic Battles is easy! 

Just go to your garage screen and open the Game Menu. From there click on 'Settings' and go to the tab for 'Game'. Just check the box at the bottom to 'Enable battle recording' and you are done! Your recordings will be automatically saved to a folder called 'replays' which can be found in the main Word of Tanks folder and will be created at the time of your first recording.

Would you like to be in our next video? Take part in our future contests or upload your own Epic Battle to the Forum section.

Once again, congratulations to Twelvehundred!