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September Calendar

General News
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September has come; the leaves are falling and are gradually covering the battlefield with Autumn’s blanket. But the mood of a good tank commander never changes with the weather.  They always keep looking forward, and this month, they have much to look forward to!  The events and specials will be falling from the sky, just for you.

So that you don't miss any of the things happening this month, take a look at our handy calendar below:


                    Tanks of the Month
Last days of WWII
Fun Cup  
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Tanks of the Month
Last days of WWII Guess What Super 6 Hunt Us down    
  Prototype Week    
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Tanks of the Month
Prototype Week Guess What       Ural Steel: Final
  Ural Steel: Road to the Finals
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Tanks of the Month
Ural Steel: Final Guess What       Invasion of the Destroyers
       Mangled Metal  Hunt Us Down 
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
        8.0 Reinforcement
Tanks of the Month      
Destroyers Guess What Easy 8        Mangled Metal
Hunt Us Down    


Tanks of the Month

This month we are looking at not one, but two tanks and both have bonuses all month. Learn all about the history of the T20 and the M26 Pershing, discover some tips about how best to tame them and earn more credits after each battle with these vehicles.


eSport events

Funcup. Do you enjoy fighting with SPG's?  Then this edition of our very own Fun Cup is the right tournament for you!

Super 6. Win gold with your team in this tournament for tier 6 and below vehicles!

Mangled Metal. Drive absolutely any vehicle you want in this free-for-all clash of the tanks.

Easy 8.  A tournament using the current official league rules.  Get your team together and win prizes!



Last Days of World War II. Let's celebrate the end of the war with the first special of the month. It will be a huge party!

Prototype Week. We have some tanks in the garage which never went beyond the prototype stage. These days will be dedicated to some of them. 

Ural Steel. Let's celebrate the preparations for the Ural Steel tournament with the first special Ural Steel: Road to the Finals -then prepare your tanks and your crew and jump in the Ural Steel Final to enjoy other bonuses.

Allied Forces - Invasion of the Destroyers. Tank destroyers are those sneaky stealthy vehicles with the ability to really mess up your day with just one shot.  During this weekend. They will also be the source of some great bonuses!



Guess What. Every Tuesday, put your brain and your knowledge to work. Name the hidden vehicle and win gold!

Hunt Us Down. Two or three full days to destroy us on the battlefield! Enjoy the challenge and win prizes!  


We hope you will like this month calendar!

Stay tuned for more information.