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Richard "The_Challenger" Cutland: Our Military Specialist

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We’ve already briefly introduced him. So far you know that he loves Tiger tanks and that he tripped in front of the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Now it’s time to get to know him a little bit better.

Richard was in the British Army for almost 30 years in The Royal Tank Regiment. Mainly because he liked the black beret so much. That’s what he’d tell you.   

He started out as a Chieftain driver where he spent more time covered in oil with his head in the back decks carrying out repairs than actually driving, despite what the job description said.  “You had to love Chieftain”, he states. During his years in service in the Royal Armored Corps he completed all his Tank trades- Gunner, Loader and Commander as he progressed through the ranks, serving on the Chieftain, Challenger 1 & 2 and Scorpion in the Armoured Reconnaissance Role.

He also spent two years as a Gunnery Instructor teaching new Commanders and overseas students whilst running live firing ranges in the UK and Germany. Being passionate about military history, he later taught Armored Tactics and worked closely with the General Staffs Briefing Team, headed at that time by General Sir Mike Jackson.

Richard has deployed on numerous operations including “Op Telic” in Iraq, and has worked alongside many of the Worlds Armed Forces.

Richard Cutland (on the right), in Canada, with a “Salamander” tank

Come meet “The_Challenger” on our battlefields, or head to the forums if you want to talk to him directly. He’ll be glad to answer whatever questions you might have regarding the technical aspects of modern or historical armored warfare as it relates to World of Tanks. If you ever wanted to talk to a real Military Specialist, here’s your chance!