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Review & Advice: T26E4 Super Pershing

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The T26E4 Super Pershing was added to the game in the 7.5 update and is the latest addition to tier VIII.

This vehicle, as with all of the premium vehicles, has an exceptional credit-earning capability and it is by definition an efficient tank.  After all, the potential to deal an average shot of 240 damage with a penetration of 170 mm is just more than you need when engaging your enemies, as thanks to the match-maker, you will rarely meet tier IX vehicles on the battlefield.

This tank is the heaviest medium tank of its tier, so it’s a steel machine that can combine the roles of both medium and heavy tanks.  However, for further advice and details about its characteristics, check out the following video.  It has all the information you need to excel on the battlefield with this vehicle.


Treat yourself to a great farming tank, an investment that you won’t regret!