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Reminder: Account Security


Facing the enemy on the battlefield may not be the only danger that one has to deal with during their online career. Every experienced leader knows that if they're cut off from their units, then the fight is over for them. This is also true for online gaming.

In order to help you prevent losing access to your account, and your vehicles as a result, we have prepared a list of useful tips and suggestions. Adhering to the following points will help you to ensure top notch security and effectively prevent unwanted parties from gaining access to your account:

Account Security: The Basics

  • Never tell your credentials to anyone. Your ID and password are your strongest line of defense against infiltration - keep them a secret at all costs.
  • Bind your account with a mobile phone. Doing so will help you in case you forget your password. Additionally, should an unwanted party gain access to your account, they will not be able to change the password on their own.
  • Avoid shady websites. Places offering cheap gold and Premium vehicles may seem like a good way of fuelling your war effort at first, but the harsh reality is that most of them are phishing websites, aimed at extractng your login data. Use only the official Premium Shop for your purchases.
  • Do not click on shady links. There are provocateurs out there, who may try to charm you with promises of power and riches awaiting you if you click on the strange links they provide. Do not fall for this trap, as doing so will most likely result in your account getting tapped by spies and stolen as a result.
  • Do not share accounts. During war, you can't trust anyone - even the closest ally can turn on you at any time and sabotage your military. Sharing your account not only is the quickest way of losing it, but it can also lead to your dishonorable discharge (permanent game ban) when Central HQ finds out.
  • Make sure your Password is difficult to guess. Information is what wins wars - make sure that yours is as cryptic as possible. Don't make the enemy spies' job easier!
  • Change your Password regularly. Updating your access codes is crucial to keeping your force away from the prying eyes and sticky fingers of the enemy. Make sure to do so at regular intervals.

If you'd like to know more about keeping your forces safe from spies and saboteurs, make sure to read the briefing available in the Account Security section of our website.


One last thing - if you fall victim to enemy infiltration and lose your account, report the incident immediately and contact our Customer Service.



Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - keep your accounts safe!