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Refer a Friend: the Recruitment Program Going Live in EU

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World of Tanks has become more than just a game, and that is primarily thanks to your contribution as a community as well as individual players. Now, we are happy to present you with another great opportunity to improve it even more: the Refer a Friend: recruitment programme.

The Refer a Friend: recruitment programme enables you to bring your friends to the game, regardless of if they are new to Wargaming products or have been simply inactive for a while, and profit from great bonuses while playing together!

Simply form a platoon with your recruit, roll out into battle, and earn some sweet boosts and extras:


For more details, please refer to our Refer a Friend: recruitment programme guide:


T95E2 American Medium Tank

The T95E2 is a reward tank which gives the following bonuses:

  • 50% more Crew Experience per battle
  • The option to assign Crew members from the same vehicle type and nation without any penalties or retraining
  • The ability to accelerate crew training, beginning with the first battle


The Refer a Friend: recruitment programme is an excellent opportunity to earn additional experience and receive unique rewards! Try it out today!



Bring some new blood to World of Tanks and conquer the battlefields together!