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Redbull12: “EU-server will prevail!”

The last interview dedicated to Ural Steel Championship was held with the captain of the winning team in 10/140 division 1 SBP (1 Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny) Redbull12. The captain told us the story of the team gathering and even revealed some secrets of their tactics.

“We are all clan members of 1 SBP (1 Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny). 1 SBP is a clan where we have only two restrictions: high level of personal culture and age above 21 years. The oldest player in our squad is over 50 years old!  My team in Absolute Tier was chosen among the best of the best in our clan. We are all experienced players with more than 5000 battles each,” – the captain says.

The full interview you can read in our blog.