Easy Vehicles for Ranked Battles


Now that we have the new season of Ranked Battles coming, it's a good time to check out some vehicles we deem easy to play. Not everyone is born a master, and even fewer want to put themselves under pressure every battle to earn the chevrons. So this article is dedicated to the casual players, who just want to enjoy themselves playing Ranked Battles while earning a couple of rewards on the side.

Check out the list below. Of course, five vehicles only is a bit sparse in choice, so we added alternative vehicles with comparable gameplay to the main vehicle.

  • Maus
  • Object 430U
  • IS-7
  • M48A5 Patton
  • Jagdpanzer E 100

The classic super-heavy tank. With the greatest survivability out there, you can bet that this chunky boy can take the heat of the battle. Angling this tank will make it a massive obstacle to overcome, especially if you know how to side-scrape. Go to the front, and always stay in the action; once you choose a flank, you cannot change it anymore.

There is also the Type 5 Heavy out there. This Japanese heavy tank has a choice between two guns. One is more conventional, in terms of firepower it's somewhere between the Maus and the E 100. The other weapon you can go for is a 15 cm howitzer, which deals damage reliably, even against thick-armoured tanks. Mind the low accuracy though.

A sturdy medium-heavy tank hybrid with strong damage per shot at the cost of some mobility. Thanks to its strong armour layout it can withstand a lot of enemy fire, even heavy tanks will have trouble penetrating if you hide your most vulnerable spots. You need to play aggressively with this vehicle to deal damage reliably, as the gun accuracy is fairly low.

There is another vehicle that plays just like the Object 430U, which is the 113, a Chinese heavy tank.

The IS-7 is one of the most popular vehicles in World of Tanks as it combines good speed with high armour and decent damage. Frontally, the armour is reinforced by its pike nose, hence angling your hull is not required. Actually, we recommend you not to do it, otherwise, you risk negating those favourable angles.

There are two other tanks you might want to go for. Their base design is like the IS-7's but they come with their own characteristics:

  • WZ-111 model 5A: If you're a bit more experienced, this Chinese heavy tank has a much higher potential than the IS-7. Its strongest points are the high damage per minute at the cost of survivability. You can both take on heavy and medium tanks, so consider getting yourself this mean machine!
  • Object 277: Somewhat between the two big boys above, it also has high mobility paired with good armour, but with a higher focus on gun reliability and actual speed. A great alternative to both of these tanks

Versatility is this tank's forte. Combining mobility, armour, and firepower into one vehicle allows you to be fully flexible and effectively play anywhere if needed. Thanks to its thick and rounded turret, going hull-down is a great tactic to choose. With the reliable 105 mm gun, you can punch through your opponent's armour with ease, at even longer distances. Make sure to take out the enemy medium tanks first before you flank their heavies.

If you're more into British tanks, have a look at the Centurion Action X, it plays just like the Patton.

Do you like it big? That's what the Jagdpanzer E 100 is all about. You can count on your fear factor to stop any advance. 17 cm of raw damage will make any enemy flinch, at least, until you shoot. Despite its massive damage per shot, the gun is still kind of reliable, yet missing a shot can be frustrating because of the high reload time. Go to the front and knock some heads in, don't be afraid to take some shots in return. Angle yourself well and you can deflect most of what the enemy throws at you.

We suggest two alternative vehicles to the Jagdpanzer E 100:

  • T110E3: While the gameplay is similar to the German's, keep in mind that you'll be trading damage per shot for better armour. Amplify this strength by hiding your lower hull, and don't worry about the cupola on top, it's much stronger than many people think
  • Object 268 Version 4: If the Jagdpanzer E 100 is too slow for you, this Soviet tank destroyer might be what you're looking for. It has much, much higher mobility while still keeping a strong armour layout frontally. Just keep in mind that it's prone to flanking, and the damage per shot is lower

As you can see, most vehicles we chose have plenty of armour. This is because in a competitive environment like Ranked Battles any mistake can be punished severely, yet those vehicles are the most forgiving ones, thus perfect for the more casual players out there.


Good luck in the next season!