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gamescom 2015: A Handy Guide to Visiting Booths

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gamescom 2015 is approaching with big steps, so the time is nigh to finish up your preparations! However, keep in mind that planning your trip, booking the hotel and getting tickets are not the only things that need your attention. In fact, it would be wise to already prepare yourself for when you finally reach the Kölnmesse’s grounds.

Remember that gamescom is one of the biggest gaming events, with thousands of visitors arriving at the fair every day. As a result, it may be difficult for you to navigate within the crowd and see everything you want to see. Therefore, we have prepared this short and handy guide to help you out in making your visit as pleasant and efficient as possible:

1. Plan in advance

For reasons such as work or school, many visitors have a very limited timeframe for their visit at the Kölnmesse – usually a day or two. Therefore, it is important to set priorities for the booths you want to visit, check their locations when you’re still at home and head there immediately upon your arrival.


2. Arrive early

As aforementioned, gamescom is a huge event, attracting literally thousands of visitors every day of the event. As a result, the queues for various products can get pretty long pretty fast. Coming early may secure you a good starting position and result in you getting to try out your target game before others, without having to wait too long.

A portable camp chair may definitely come in handy!

I really wanted to check out World of Warships, so I made the trip early in the morning. I managed to get in pretty fast and also had extra time to queue up for tanks!"

Matthias, 21, Cologne (gamescom 2014)


3. Take a backpack with you

gamescom is not only about getting hot information on your favourite product or for trying games out – it’s also about exclusive merchandise you can get only at the event! The vast majority of booths you visit will offer free stuff, such as posters, flash drives, mouse pads, and even a chance of winning much bigger prizes during stage activities! Of course, most booths will offer you nice bags along with your prizes, but walking around with four or five of those is not very convenient. Plus, if you like the bag, you can just fold it and put it in your backpack as well!


4. Take photos AFTER you have left the queue

Many visitors like to take photos with the hostesses and cosplayers, or simply to document interesting booth designs and stage activities. Just keep in mind, however, that it is much faster to get a photo with someone at the booth than it is to get a good spot in the queue. Therefore, if your primary goal at the stand is to test the game, go for that first and take memento pictures once you’re done.


5. Be mindful of your surroundings

As expected, there will be huge crowds at every booth. In such conditions, it is very easy to get disoriented and lost in the sea of people. Therefore, take a map of the halls when entering, and make a mental note of the signs in the halls – in the event you get lost, you can consult the hall numbers with your map and get back on your track in no time.


6. Be mindful of your fellow visitors

Being a part of the crowd paradoxically means that sometimes you can lose awareness of your immediate surroundings. In such a case, any sudden movement may result in bumping into someone, knocking down things or sometimes even hitting yourself against a part of the booth or somebody else for that matter. Therefore, please be aware of the fact that there are people around you and try to be considerate, especially when under the stage, where the crowd is thickest and emotions the most heated.


7. Take water with you

Last but not least, make sure you always carry something to drink with you. Being a part of the crowd means it will take much more time than normal not only to play your desired game, but also to move between halls, to buy something to eat and drink, etc. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated, especially if it’s a hot August day.


Come prepared and surf the queues like a pro!