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Public Test of Version 8.1

General News
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The World of Tanks development team is conducting a test of the changes coming in the upcoming 8.1 update and they want you to take part!

The public test will be starting on Friday, October 12th.

The development team want to make the game as good as possible and getting your feedback is a big part of that.  Taking part in the public test is your chance to let us know your thoughts and suggestions on forthcoming updates.  This means we can review your feedback and make any further changes before the update goes live.

All World of Tanks players are eligible to take part in the public test as long as they registered before October 8th .  You don’t need to be an experienced tester to join in; you just need to be willing to try out as many of the new features as you can and send us your feedback!


Main Features of version 8.1
  • British tech tree
  • New premium vehicles
  • Updated maps (Province, El Halluf, Dragon’s Ridge, Abbey, Prokhorovka)
  • Ability to buy Gold Ammunition with Credits

Read more about that on our In Development page!


How the Public Test Works

When it is time to run a public test, the developers will release a test version of the client.  This can be downloaded by following the instructions below.  Make sure that you follow all of the instructions carefully, so that you don’t accidentally cause problems to your main play account.

Your test client account will usually be a copy of your play account, meaning that all the vehicles purchased and research that you have completed will be the same.  However, please note:

  • The test account is completely separate to your normal account.  Achievements and research that you complete on the test client will not be carried over to your play account.
  • Financial transactions are not possible on the test server and payments will not be accepted.
  • Depending on the needs of the test, your test account may be credited with gold, credits or experience.  In addition the experience gain rate may be increased substantially.
  • The test server is subject to the same EULA and general rules as the World of Tanks game server.  This means that you still need to play nice and enjoy the game with the community.

Once you have logged into the test client, you are encouraged to play as much or as little as you want.  Feel free to try out all the new features and see what you can do!

Once you have been playing for a while, please let us know your feedback by posting to these special forum threads:  The first is for bug reports  and the second is for general feedback about the test version.  The community managers will collect up all your responses on the thread and send them to the developers.

The sort of feedback we are particularly interested in includes:

  • Any bugs or glitches that you have found in the game.  Got stuck in the scenery?  Game crashes when you do a certain action?  Tell us all about it!
  • Honest feedback about vehicles and game mechanics.  If you think something doesn’t function well, then please tell us.
  • Anything you particularly like?  Do you love the new stats for a previously underpowered vehicle?  Confirm to the developers that the community is now satisfied with that feature, letting them focus on other new improvements.


How to Join the Public Test

 Eager to get going?  Follow the instructions below to join the test!

  1. Download the test client installer.  (8 MB)
  2. Make sure you pick a save location that is different to your regular World of Tanks game files.  Save and run the installer.
  3. Run the new copy of the game.  The launcher will download all the additional data (3.52 GB)
  4. Log in and start playing.  Remember to post your bug reports to the specific thread and all other feedback to the general forum thread.


Please be aware of the following:
  • This public test is intended to focus on the testing of the new physics within regular battle conditions.  This means that players could be experimenting using both regular ammo and gold ammo.  They could also be trying out some of the premium tanks.  Feel free to enjoy the new physics, but remember that there are enemies out there and a battle to win!  Dangling off a bridge may be fun, but it also makes it easy for the enemy to shoot you!
  • In order to make the test experience more efficient, it may be necessary to limit the number of players on the test server.   If the server is full when you log in, you’ll be placed into a queue.
  • The test server will be restarted regularly each uneven day (on 13, 15, 17 etc) at 3:00am CEST (01:00 GMT). It will last around 25 minutes.
  • The test server may be subject to unscheduled restarts and maintenance.
  • And of course, remember that it is a test server!  This means that you may encounter bugs and temporary features. Everything in the test version could change before the final release. 
  • Also please note that the replay mechanics are being reworked at the moment. We advise you to uncheck the box "Save battle replay" in the options to avoid problems with the client.

Thank you for taking part in the public test!  Good luck and have fun!


Preliminary list of changes


  • Added base British Tech Tree with a medium tank branch that has the FV4202 as Tier X, and a heavy tank branch with FV215 as Tier X. IMPORTANT! Please, take in count that economical, research and characteristic balance of the British vehicles is not yet ready and will be changed throughout the test.
  • The following Premium vehicles were added to in-game store: Tier VII Soviet TD SU-122-44, Tier VII German MT Panther M-10, Tier VI German MT Pz IV Schmalturm
  • Following maps were reworked and optimised for new render graphics: Province, El-Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey
  • Dragon Ridge’ map re-introduced to random battles
  • ‘Prokhorovka’ Assault map removed
  • ‘Insufficient credits’ status added to the module hint


Game Mechanics:

  • Added option to purchase premium rounds using credits in addition to the current gold variant (prices are based on 1 gold = 400 credits exchange rates)
  • Added option for a platoon creator to exclude game modes for the platoon – this means that platoon will enter only game modes which have been selected by the platoon creator.
  • Added Object 263 to the description of the ‘Sinai Lion’ medal.
  • Speed of tank burning (minor corrections) readjusted and synchronised for the majority of vehicles.
  • Chat messages returned to replays
  • For an elite vehicle that is no longer elite due to the addition of new modules etc. the exchange XP option will be unchecked for it when opening the XP exchange window.  However, the vehicle will still be in the list.


Technical Optimization:

  • A number of objects on several maps were optimized for new render
  • Optimized the drawing speed for some small objects
  • Fixed the productivity slump occurring with several hardware configurations



  • Fixed a rare issue which caused player to be put into a game mode that had been previously excluded
  • Corrected the probability rates of being put into certain game modes if one of the game modes had been excluded (for example, this caused a player be added more frequently to ‘Encounter’ if ‘Assault’ had been excluded)
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in tanks being launched into the air after driving inside a bunker
  • Fixed errors in placing of objects and lighting on maps Ruinberg, Widepark, El-Halluf and Himmelsdorf
  • Removed tank ‘shadow’ from the hangar when the vehicle is still in battle.
  • Removed gap between tank and surface in standard hangar
  • Fixed mistakes in models of following vehicles: Pz IV Schmalturm, SU-122-54, T26E4 Superpershing, VK 3002 (DB), VK 3001 (H)
  • Fixed mistakes in display of camouflage patterns on SU-100-M1
  • Fixed incorrect display of emblems and inscriptions on following vehicles: AMX 13 F3 AM, D2, SU-122-54, Tetrarch, VK 3601 (H)
  • Fixed the display of SPG schematics in status window during the battle (previously tanks were displayed instead of SPG)
  • Fixed the display of SU-122-54 hull armouring
  • Fixed the slope angle of lower armoring plate on IS-7 (changed to historical)
  • Fixed the slope angle of lower armoring plate on IS-3 (changed to historical).
  • Fixed armoring on bottom of tanks
  • Fixed display of water with enabled anti-aliasing
  • Fixed the incorrect re-initialization of dynamic shadows after switching over to the game using Alt+Tab
  • Fixed the display of suspension tracks while in air
  • Fixed the display of grass in Sniper Mode when the option is disabled
  • Fixed rare incorrect interaction between water and fog
  • Fixed many small interface errors in after battle statistics window
  • Fixed error when the base capture sound could be replayed during a replay pause
  • Fixed a rare error when replay reproduction stops after rewinding
  • Fixed an error with the minimap in Clan Wars battles (with Fog of War enabled)
  • Fixed a problem making it impossible to reconnect to a Clan Wars battle if replays are enabled
  • Fixed a memory leak upon radial menu opening
  • Fixed updating of tank icons in nation tree in research menu
  • Fixed the incorrect status display for researched modules on vehicles that have not yet been researched
  • Fixed the interaction of ammo-rack blow-up icon with damage numbers
  • Fixed the incorrect sound when hitting a stone surface
  • Fixed an error where the battle menu only appears after second pressing of ‘Esc’ button
  • Fixed rare bug with mouse cursor in battle menu window
  • Fixed some small errors in ‘Exterior’ menu window
  • Fixed some grammar errors in German inscriptions
  • Removed imposition of an automated daily suspension if account was online for more than 25 hours
  • Removed option to retrain crew to ‘Observer’ tank
  • Fixed incorrect display of penetration mark after ricochet
  • Fixed problem making it impossible to take a screenshot with active battle chat
  • Fixed the display of 3 types of shells in garage for tanks which have only 2 types of ammunition