[UPDATE] We've Slashed Prices on All Tier VI–VIII Premium Vehicles!


As previously announced, we are currently experiencing technical issues connecting to the Internet at our main development center in Minsk, Belarus. Taking this into account, we are postponing the launch of Act V of World of Tanks’ 10th Anniversary to ensure that we can provide you with quality support and the best possible experience during the event.

The price reduction for Tier VI-VIII Premium vehicles has also been postponed and will not occur on the previously announced date. Prices on these tanks will be changed later upon further notice.

We truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

The World of Tanks 10th Anniversary celebration is reaching its conclusion, Commanders!

The 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks is truly a unique event and a grand milestone for our game. We’ve been preparing for it for a long time, so we tried to surprise you with a feast of special Time Warps, engaging Anniversary Missions, and sweet prizes. But the celebration is still ongoing, and now we have a really exciting offer for all commanders!

In recognition of the game’s 10th Anniversary, on August 12, we’ll permanently reduce prices on all Tier VI–VIII Premium vehicles by 10%! Check out the new prices in the table below. Moreover, we’ll also apply the same permanent price reduction to all new Tier VI–VIII Premium tanks we aim to release in the future.

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  • Sweden
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You can purchase discounted vehicles both in the game client and in the Premium Shop*.

Prices in the Premium Shop may vary slightly due to differences in exchange rates in different countries.

The price reduction is based on the vehicle's cost in gold. We will round numbers down so that prices are always in favor of the players. As a result of this rounding, the final discount value may vary from 10% to 13%.


Vehicle Old Price (in gold) New Price (in gold)
Pudel 3,650  3,200

The discount for this tank will be 12.3%.

Our 10th Anniversary celebration continues, so be sure to party with us! We still have many nice surprises planned for you!

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