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Premium Shop: Late-November Bundles


Are you having a good November? Have you been taking part in the Second Campaign of Clan Wars or gearing up for the new Team Battle mode? Perhaps you’re just sitting back and enjoying a few random battles. Whatever your gameplay preferences, we have something in the Premium Shop to suit you!

Our Tier VIII of the Week for this week is the 112! Roll out in this Chinese heavy and grind your enemies beneath your tracks! It comes with a garage slot, 2,000 gold to spend and a free 7 days of premium to maximise your earnings.

Have you dreamed of having enough gold and credits to buy pretty much anything in the whole in-game store? This next bundle will prove that it is possible to have No Limits! 7,500 gold and a cool 15 million credits should keep you well supplied for the foreseeable future. It should be noted that credits in this bundle are very good value indeed, coming at an exchange rate of 666 credits for every one gold rather than the normal 400 in-game!

Our Golden Bundle has proved popular, with good reason! It provides you with 12,500 gold, which is enough to buy the premium vehicle of your choice, and 37 days of premium account time, 7 days of which are for free!

The Offer of the Month is still available. 3,500 gold and 30 days of premium account time are complemented by a free 100,000 credits to treat yourself in-game.

Perhaps you are more of a Weekend Warrior? With 1,250 gold and 3 days of premium account time, this package is everything you need for the perfect weekend of World of Tanks. You could also go for the Friendship Package - with 1,500 gold and 7 days of premium account time, this little treat can make your or a friend’s day.

Finally, perhaps you just want to spend some Quality Time. If so, you’re in the right place – get 30 days of premium account time, then sit back and enjoy the game!

These offers will be available in the Premium Shop from Friday 15th November 06:10 CET (GMT +1) until Friday 22nd November 06:00 CET:
Package Name Contents Price

No Limits

99.99 Euro

Tier VIII of the Week

112, Tier VIII Chinese Heavy Tank

Garage Slot


Premium account: 7 days (free)

50.00 Euro

Golden Bundle


Premium account: 37 days (including 7 days for free) 

49.95 Euro

Offer of the Month


Premium account: 30 days

100,000 (free)

19.99 Euro

Friendship Package


Premium account: 7 days

9.99 Euro

Quality Time

Premium account: 30 days

9.95 Euro

Weekend Warrior


Premium account: 3 days

7.99 Euro
Premium Account

A premium account allows you to earn more credits and experience per battle so that you can progress more quickly in the game. All the information about the advantages of a premium account can be found in our guide.



If you’re into heavy beasts, the 112 will be a great tool for you. At first glance it may seem to lack armour, but thanks to the slope of the frontal plate it is really effective in combat. Jump into this brand new tank and rain destruction upon the enemy team. 

That’s not all! In the Premium Shop there are a lot of permanent packages, as well as some exclusive packages available until the release of version 8.10. They feature, among others, the first Japanese Premium tank!



Roll out, Commanders!