Discover World of Tanks' Most Popular Mods


For years, World of Tanks has been enhanced by the mods of hard-working and creatives fans. And today comes a special thank you to them: we wanted to give a shout out to our most popular mods! If you never tried one before, now is the time to discover a few through the list below.

Important: if you want to go even further, go check the Mod Hub, which gathers all the mods approved by Wargaming at the moment!

Popular Mods

Whether you're looking for authenticity, optimization, a new HUD or great tools for your sick replays, check these mods:

  • Historical Gun Sounds
  • Crosshair mods
  • Config Tuner
  • Replay Manager
  • Session Statistic
Historical Gun Sounds

Do we have to remind you that there's nothing more satisfying than a cool sounding gun? Well, cool is great, but realistic ones might be even better. With this mod from Gnomefather's & Zorgane, you'll treat your ears with accurate gun sounds, affected by distance, reloads and echoes. A must-have for any history buff!


Crosshair mods

They are legion, but they are useful. With the crosshair mods displayed on our hub, you'll be able to customize your HUD with colours and shapes that better suit your eye. And who knows, they might give a boost to your accuracy!


Config Tuner

You're in desperate need of a partner but your uncle has a very slow PC? Don't worry, with Config Tuner, you can disable the most demanding sounds and visuals effects! An easy fix while waiting for another machine to play on!


Replay Manager

Unleash your inner Michael Bay with this mod, which allows you to manage your replays directly from the game. Perfect for filmmakers commanders and those who want to record their epic battles.


Session Statistic

Everybody's shouting at you in the chat but you don't understand why? Maybe it's time to have a look at your performances with Session Statistic. Joke aside, a great tool if you want to improve your performance in World of Tanks!


Mod Packs

If you want the full World of Tanks mods experience, don't download mods one by one! These packs are here to help you:

  • Modders Essentials
  • WGMods Essentials
Modders Essentials

Our community is full of talented creators and fans which make mods and their downloads easier for you. You can check the following:

WGMods Essentials

We love mods so much that we have our own official mod pack! With WGMods Essentials, you'll receive a collection of the most popular and essential modifications of our game:

  • Reticles
  • Damage-panels
  • Additional info indicators
  • A replay manager

All that in a convenient step by step installation.


That's if for today, commanders! But don't forget to tell us what your favourite mods are on the Forum, and in the meantime...


Roll out!