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Polish Independence Day

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We wish to celebrate the Polish Independence Day together with our Polish community, along with a special weekend! During this weekend, from 6:30 CET (5:30 GMT) on November 10th, till 6:00 CET (5:00 GMT) on November 13th you will be able to use the following bonuses:

Double crew experience for every battle until the end of the special

20% discount on equipment

20% increased income on the following vehicles:

  • T-34, Soviet tier V medium tank
  • T-34-85, Soviet tier VI medium tank
  • M4 Sherman, American tier V medium tank

50% discount on crew main qualification training and retraining for gold

50% discount on barracks enlargement

But first, have a quick look at the historical background of this event since it’s a very important day  for Poland.

In the late XVIII century Poland was the subject of the so-called Partitions of Poland, during which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth lands was divided between the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and Austria.

Poland didn’t exist on the world map until the 11th of November 1918. In fact, the process of regaining its independence started two years earlier with the enactment of the “5th November” act, in which the Emperors of Austria and Germany promised the creation of the Kingdom of Poland.

On the 11th of November the Regency Council appointed Józef Piłsudski the Head of the Polish Military. The same day the German military started retreating from Polish lands. Although fighting continued for about two more months up until the uprising in Poznań on December 27th, it’s been the 11th of November that has established itself as the official Polish Independence Day.

The 11th of November is also celebrated in other European countries as the Armistice day. The ceasefire signed that day between the different parties ended World War One and has been celebrated ever since.

Enjoy your bonuses during the weekend to celebrate the 11th November as the end of the First World War, but also and especially as Independence Day for our Polish community!