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Player of the month

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Meet the player of this month: 

Nick: Carmon

Clan:  1st Polish Armoured Division, 1PADX

ESL Team:  1st PAD Evil Panda Squad

When did you start playing WoT and how did you hear about the game?

I heard about World of Tanks accidentally by reading the article about the Tank Museum based in Kubinka. In the comments section someone wrote a few words about a “Tank“ game. I found the website, registered on it, downloaded the game and started my adventure. I didn’t play in beta so I’m not as experienced as my colleagues from the clan but maybe thanks to this the game still gives me a lot of fun.

What is your favorite tank and why?

My favorite tank, despite its obvious weaknesses, is E-50 which allows you to win in a truly beautiful style, magically avoiding bullets and hitting from 500m. Although T-54 driven by an experienced driver is able to defeat E-50 in 1 vs 1 battle, I still think that this is the best tank for me.

What is your playing style?

It depends on the day, my mood and if I’m playing in a platoon or not. I often play solo and sometimes I can’t believe how fast I can “die” because of my genius ideas.  When playing solo I prefer fast tanks so I’m able to play more aggressively (Med’s, Lights and then fast Heavies will do). Recently, I really like Lorraine 40T with its 90mm cannon. Sometimes there is nothing better than taking 5 tier light and show everyone what this little demon can do. I also play on arties and tank destroyers but not that often since I have two tier 8 arties.

What is your favorite type of game in ESL?

The one I like the most is 7 vs 7 fights. This gives me a lot of joy after each victory and also the highest rage. Despite the fact that in 1 vs 1 battle, luck can be a main factor, I really like this kind of game. After a defeat you will be the only person to blame. 14 vs 14 and 10 vs 10 in the Polish section are also my favorites but not as much as 7 vs 7.

What is your favorite mod in the game?

Over Target Markers and one of the crosshairs modes. I played a few battles after the reinstallation of windows in a “clear” game client but I couldn’t find myself in the game.

What is the main thing in the game you’ve been waiting for…

New kind of gameplays that would refresh the game itself and give it more variety. This would bring us much more fun.