A Charity Auction with Three Great Vehicles!


This Sunday, on 13 January you'll have the chance to take part in the 27th Grand Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, one of the biggest charity events in Poland. Just like the previous years, we decided to join the cause, and today we're asking you to support children hospitals with us, and potentially receive in-game bonuses on top of it.

Indeed, this event will feature two auctions: one to win a very rare tank, the other to win an iconic duo of Polish vehicles. And of course, these tanks will be complemented by many extra goodies.

Important: all the money raised by the two auctions below goes directly to the charity. In order to participate, you need to register on allegro.pl first, where you'll also find all other charity-related auctions.

First Auction

In the first auction, you have the chance to grab an exceptionally rare Panzer V/IV, a German tier V Premium medium tank, which has not been obtainable since the game was released! Aside from that, the winner of this auction will receive a Maus brick construction set from COBI, two t-shirts, a bag and many other goodies!

To the first auction

Second Auction

The second auction comes with the Polish powerhouse: the Pudel, a Polish tier VI medium tank and the 50 TP prototyp, a Polish tier VIII heavy tank. Also, the winner of this auction will get a Pudel brick construction set from COBI, two t-shirts, a zip-up hoodie, sweatpants, a bag and many other goodies!

To the second auction

About the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the biggest charity event in Poland, which aims to systematically improve public healthcare in Poland by supplying hospitals with medical equipment, funding free examinations and offering free courses in CPR and first aid. The foundation also organizes the biggest open-air free entry music festival in Europe - Pol'and'Rock Festival. The fundraiser has seen increased support for 27 consecutive years and just last year it collected almost 30 million euros. 

In case you would like to support its cause directly, check out their website.



Roll out!