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[UPDATED] Personal Missions’ Launch

General News
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We are aware of an issue with the awarding of Personal Mission rewards (including female crew members and commendations) and our developers are working on a fix.

For your information, we are able to identify all affected cases via our logs. So as soon as the fix is released, we should be able deliver the missing rewards.

We will endeavour to update you when we have more information to share


If you watched our recent ASAP video, you'll remember that we promised to introduce a new feature called Personal Missions in mid-January. We are happy to announce that Personal Missions will be going live on Thursday 15 January. Here’s a handy summary of what you can expect.

Personal Missions

Personal Missions are special missions which are not tied to any other in-game special or event, and can be pursued by any player. During a Personal Missions Campaign, there will be Operations per Mission available, each containing 5 Sets per Operation and a main prize. The Operations can only be completed progressively, which means you will have to complete the first Operation in order to unlock the second one, which in turn must be completed to unlock the third one and so on.

When you start an Operation, you will have 5 Mission Sets available at the same time, each one for a different tank class. You can have multiple Sets active simultaneously, but it is only possible to have one mission active within a Set at a time. Also, you cannot progress multiple Sets in one battle – for example, if you enter the battle as a medium tank, that battle can contribute only to your progress in the medium tanks’ Mission Set.

Each Set consists of 15 Missions; each mission will have a Primary Objective, which needs to be fulfilled in order to complete the mission, and a Secondary Objective, which will usually mean showing exceptional performance in the process. Secondary Objectives are purely optional, but fulfilling them will yield additional rewards.

Example of a Mission:





Primary Objective

  • Destroy at least 3 enemy vehicles in the course of one battle


Secondary Objective

  • Fulfill the Primary Objective while dealing at least 3,000 damage


Total: 300,000


Example of a Campaign

Operation for StuG IV                     

  • Set 1: Light Tanks
    Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

  • Set 2: Medium Tanks
    Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

  • Set 3: Heavy Tanks
    Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

  • Set 4: Tank Destroyers
    Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15.

  • Set 5: Self-Propelled Guns
    Mission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15. 

Operation for T28 Concept

  • Set 1: Light Tanks 
    ission 1 > Mission 2 > … > Mission 15. 

And so on.

All related information in regard to the mission conditions and rewards will be available to you in-game under the “Missions” tab.



T28 Concept

T 55A

Object 260

Pursuing Personal Missions will be a very rewarding endeavour, with great prizes being awarded not only for completing 
the Primary and Secondary Objectives of the missions themselves, but also for completing the entire Set and finally for completing the whole Operation. Of course, as the missions get progressively more difficult, the rewards will be progressively more valuable as well. Here’s a summary of the prize progression:

Personal Missions’ Progression


Entire Operation completed

  • Unique Tank:
         1st Operation: StuG IV (Tier V)
         2nd Operation: T28 Concept (Tier VII)
         3rd Operation: T 55A (Tier IX)
         4th Operation: Object 260 (Tier X)
  • 1 Garage Slot (per Operation completed)

Entire Set completed

Mission’s Primary Objective completed

  • Credits
  • Premium Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Free XP
  • Garage Slots
  • Premium Account

Mission’s Secondary Objective completed

But wait, there’s more. For completing missions above and beyond the call of duty, you’ll receive special Medals and Badges, which will be added to your Service Record. These are rewarded for completing the Personal Missions’ Primary and Secondary Objectives. You will also receive them for completing a number of missions as a reward for your proficiency.

Important: Please note that the reward types for completing Primary and Secondary Objectives vary depending on the difficulty and complexity of the mission, with more valuable rewards being granted for more demanding tasks.


In order to complete an Operation and claim the main prize you need a total of 20 Commendations. Completing a Set gives you 4 Commendations, which means that you need to finish all 5 Sets in order to have enough Commendations to complete an Operation and get your tank.

However, you can earn an extra Commendation for completing the Secondary Objective for the 15th (last) mission in the Set.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who cannot or does not want to complete a Mission Set for a particular vehicle class. For example, if you don’t like Light Tanks and do not want to play them for the missions’ sake, you can finish the last missions’ Secondary Objectives for the 4 other Sets. By doing so, you will earn the 4 missing Commendations you need (1 per Set) without having to work through the Set for Light Tanks. However, remember that skipping a Set by using extra Commendations means that you will not be able to recruit the experienced female crew member assigned to that particular Set.

Important: Please note that extra Commendations acquired via Secondary Objectives are valid only within the same Operation. This means that extra Commendations earned for example in the Operation for the StuG IV cannot be transferred and used in the Operation for the T28 ConceptT 55A or Object 260.

Recruiting Female Crew Members

If you complete an entire Set, you will be able to recruit a highly trained female crew member. This tanker will be at 100% Major Qualification, will have learnt a special perk Sisterhood of Steel, and possess enough Experience to learn an additional skill. Sisterhood of Steel functions similarly to the Brothers in Arms perk but, in order to activate it, all crew members operating the given tank must be female. This means that if you have a mixed crew on your vehicle, the perk won’t be in effect.

Moreover, while recruiting the female crew member, you will be able to determine her nationality, and assign her any role on 
any vehicle in your garage corresponding to the chosen nation. 


Do you have what it takes to complete all the Personal Missions, Commanders?