Order of War: Test the New Game Event!

Greetings, Commanders!

On January 21, the testing of the experimental Order of War game event will start on the Sandbox server. This is a brand-new activity in World of Tanks, and we are very much looking forward to hearing your opinion about it. We're still fine-tuning the event's concept and polishing its mechanics, which is why we need player feedback, impressions, and suggestions. With your help, we'd like to understand what the future holds for this experiment in order to identify its prospects.

In Order of War, two teams battle in Tier X vehicles. Seven tankers must destroy the strategist's vehicles or capture their base. They will be opposed by one player—the strategist—who needs to destroy all of the tankers' vehicles or capture their base to win. The strategist controls a unit of allied vehicles directly, with the help of AI.

Join the test!

Order of War: Sandbox Test

January 21 through January 28, 2021 

We'd like to evaluate the viability of our ideas along with you. To that end, we need engaged and committed players to take part in the testing*.

We're entering terra incognita here, so let's explore it together! The future of this project will largely depend on your feedback.

In order to be eligible for testing, players must have joined World of Tanks at least 1 year prior to the test and gained experience with playing in Tier X vehicles.


To participate in the test, please submit a preliminary application. We'll check if it meets the above criteria, and if the application is approved, we'll email you a special invitation granting access to the Sandbox. Be sure to check your mail often and get ready for fierce battles!

Please be advised that submitting an application does not guarantee your participation in the test, regardless of your gaming experience or date of account creation.

General Description

  • Battles are fought in Tier X vehicles.
  • A team of seven tankers opposes a strategist who commands seven AI-controlled vehicles in real time. Before the start of the battle, the strategist can place defensive structures on the map at the proposed key locations.
  • To enter the battle as a strategist, you need to earn a certain number of Intelligence Reports by playing as a tanker. This is a special in-game currency that is earned by fighting battles within the event.
  • The battle duration is up to 15 minutes.
  • Battles are fought on the following maps: Mountain Pass, Cliff, Abbey, Steppes, and Siegfried Line. They will unlock gradually. On the first day of the game event, battles will take place on Mountain Pass and Cliff. On the second day, Abbey will be added. Starting from the third game day, all 5 maps will be available.
  • As a strategist, you oversee the course of the battle from a top-down perspective, flying around the map and controlling several vehicles simultaneously.
  • Strategists can assume direct control of any vehicle from their unit and fight in it in third person as an ordinary tanker.


Each team has its own objective:

  • The tankers must destroy all of the strategist's vehicles within the allotted time or capture their base. You don’t need to destroy the strategist's defensive structures to win.
  • The strategist must destroy all of the tankers' vehicles or capture their base within the allotted time.

The base capture time doesn't depend on the number of vehicles! The base capture time is 1 minute for both the tankers’ and strategist's vehicles.
  • If neither team completes its objectives within the allotted time, the battle ends in a draw.

Playing as a Tanker

To succeed, the tankers must work together and take action as a close-knit team. Destroy the strategist's vehicles and watch out for the defensive structures that they have at their disposal. While the artillery batteries, pillboxes, and watchtowers can cause plenty of trouble, their destruction isn't required to achieve victory.

Regardless of whether the tankers win or lose, the team receives Intelligence Reports, a special in-game event currency that is distributed among team members. Victory earns more Intelligence Reports than defeat. The more base experience you earn, the more Intelligence Reports you’ll get. Intelligence Reports are required to enter the battle as a strategist.

Playing as a Strategist

The strategist has a unit of seven AI-controlled Tier X vehicles under their command. Each vehicles is capable of fighting the enemy on its own, but it won't be very successful without the strategist's competent and timely orders (attack, defend base, etc.).

Defensive Structures

The strategist is additionally supported by defensive structures:

Watchtowers help detect the enemy over long distances, although the tankers won't find it easy to spot them.

Pillboxes with anti-tank machine guns deal damage, do a great job of knocking off external modules, and pose a great threat to lightly-armored vehicles. They have decent concealment and robust armor, which makes them a formidable obstacle in the tankers' way.

Artillery batteries shoot with direct fire like regular guns, deal notable damage, and are good at holding off the advance of slow vehicles. However, they aren't as dangerous for maneuverable vehicles.

You can't assume direct control of defensive structures, but you can place them at key locations before the battle.

Controlling Vehicles as the Strategist

Issue orders and direct your vehicles where you want them to be. You can also assume direct control of any vehicle from your unit and switch from strategic view to third-person view. Pulling off a complex tactical maneuver at the right moment or preventing the capture by certain units might help you turn the tide of battle.

Place your defensive structures in good spots, manage your vehicles wisely, and issue orders to them in a timely fashion. Remember that victory depends only on you!

Once the tankers destroy your entire unit or capture your base, the battle will be lost automatically.

Preparing Your Unit and Selecting Vehicles

The strategist creates their unit out of the vehicles in their Garage. All 7 slots should be filled with Tier X vehicles. Keep in mind that each slot has its own restrictions regarding vehicle type!

In battle, each vehicle will be marked with a serial number, and you can quickly switch to any vehicle by pressing the corresponding number key. You can control several vehicles at a time and even assign them into groups.


To enter battle, all Tier X vehicles selected must be repaired, manned with crews, and loaded with ammo. They must not be engaged in another battle. This rule applies to tankers entering a battle as well.

Placing Vehicles Before Battle

During the countdown, the strategist can place their vehicles and defensive structures at available key locations or use the Autoplace function to place them automatically. If you don't manage to do it before the countdown runs out, the remaining vehicles and structures will be placed randomly.

Tune In For A Sneak Peek This Weekend

Join us this Saturday, January 16 at 14:00 CET (UTC+1) on the Official World of Tanks Twitch channel (EN or DE) for an exclusive first preview of the Order of War game event. Circon (EN) and Mailand (DE) will also be streaming at the same time. We hope to see you in chat! 

Join the Order of War Sandbox test, Commanders! Your help in developing this innovative mode is truly valuable, so let’s explore it together!

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