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Introducing - World of Tanks: Operation Undead

Inspired by the Tower Defence genre, World of Tanks: Operation Undead puts you in the shoes of a commander whose Stronghold is under attack by a horde of vicious zombies. Utilise various tank classes to muster a defence capable of pushing back the shambling monstrosities. Figure out ingenious ways to position your units. Do everything in your power to prevent them from capturing your Command Centre!


Please note that the mini game will be available in English and Russian only.

Hordes of enemies, equipped with the up-to-date zombie technology. 18 types of tanks, SPGs and anti-aircraft guns, 3 special skills that can determine the result of the intense battle. Think you are up to the challenge?

Important: If you exit from the browser window or tab that you are using to play the game any progress will be lost. It is not possible to save your progress in the game. In addition, EU accounts cannot be used to login to share statistics.

Roll Out!