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Operation Avalanche Special

Operation Avalanche played a significant role in WWII. The main objectives of the Operation were to seize the port of Naples to ensure resupply, and to cut across to the east coast, trapping the Axis troops further south. On 9th of September, about 450 ships partaking in Operation Avalanche assembled off the Salerno coast. The fighting units had sailed from various places, and in order to achieve surprise, there was no preliminary naval or aerial bombardment.

World of Tanks is glad to inform tankers that the Operation Avalanche Special will be held within World of Tanks from September 9th till September 12th!

Starting from 5:30 UTC, September 9th, and till 5:00 UTC, September 12th, all our brave tankers will enjoy the following offers:

  • Crew training rates doubled!
  • The exprerience for the first victory of the day increases by 5 (!) times!
  • 50% discount on slots!

Do not miss the great opportunity to enhance the crew training and stock up with more space for your steel beasts!

Enjoy the Special and stay tuned!