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Threat of Personal Data Leak Successfully Removed

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Dear Players,

As of 7th April, we became aware of a serious security issue called “Heartbleed” in the OpenSSL encryption software that is widely used today. This problem has the potential to affect anyone who has any kind of online account – not purely those related to Wargaming. This vulnerability could allow intruders to access private encrypted data that is transferred online.

Our team promptly reacted to the threat and we have made every effort to ensure the safety of our players within Wargaming realms.

The safety of our customers’ credentials is one of the major priorities of Wargaming as a company. We will continue our dedication to increasing account safety as a precautionary measure.

Wargaming moved to fix the issue on all of our servers as soon as the nature of the bug was revealed but the likelihood of a security compromise is still possible due to earlier vulnerability before the changes were made.


Therefore, we still advise you to change all Wargaming related passwords as an additional precaution.


In order to minimise the risk of losing personal credentials we also recommend you change your passwords on other sites as well (e.g. your e-mail account that you used to register with Wargaming). 

If possible, you should set up two-level authorisation on these services. This can be done by registering your mobile phone number with them or setting up a secret question etc.

Before changing a password or logging in to a website, you should make sure that the site has also had this vulnerability removed – you may do so by performing an SSL Server test.

An event called “Change your password” is currently active, where every player is encouraged to increase the safety of his or her account and receive gold as a reward. 

If you change your password now, you will receive 300 in your account!


To participate in the event, change the current password for your account to one that is more secure:

  • New password should consist of capital letters, lower-case letters and numbers.
  • The password should be at least 8 characters long.

To change your password, log in to the portal, go to the Account Management page and choose the Change Password option. The 300 gold will be credited after the password has been changed.*

Go to the Account Management page!


*Please note that you will only receive the 300 gold once, even if you change your password again!