Onslaught: A New Competitive Mode Is Coming to World of Tanks!

Get ready to test your battle mastery against your fellow commanders in a brand-new game mode with fresh mechanics!

From October 12 through November 21, you will have the opportunity to face players of equal rating and find out who’s the strongest. Battles in Onslaught will take place in the 7v7 format in Tier X vehicles only, and will take place during the Season of the Griffin. The mode features many new gameplay mechanics, and among the large number of rewards you will find unique progressive 2D styles that will highlight your achievements. Read on for more details!

Updated on DD/MM

To improve the performance of the matchmaker, we have shortened the duration of the Prime Times. Please see the updated times below.

Season of the Griffin

October 12, 2022, at 08:00 UTC through November 21, 2022, at 1:00 UTC

Prime Times (EU 2 & 3 servers)

Weekdays & Weekends

Before October 30:
12:00–02:00 CEST (UTC+2)

After October 30:
11:00–02:00 CET (UTC+1) 

Prime Times (EU 4 server)

Weekdays & Weekends

10:00–17:00 UTC


Onslaught: A New Mode to Test Your Skills

  • In this exciting new mode, battles take place with collectible and researchable Tier X vehicles only and in the 7v7 format. You must have at least one Tier X tank in your Garage to participate in the Onslaught mode.
  • The matchmaker will be selecting both allies and opponents for teams based on the mode’s Ranked System. It will take your position into account and find opponents with a similar rating to yours.
  • During the countdown before entering battle, you will be able to select a different Tier X vehicle in the pre-battle lobby or switch to a different set of equipment, shells, and consumables.
  • All vehicles in this mode feature their own combat roles. Depending on your role, you will have a unique Role Skill with three levels of charge. The higher the charge level, the stronger the effect of the skill will be. To upgrade your Role Skill level, earn Prestige Points in battles for performing any useful action. You will earn more Prestige Points for actions that are most relevant to your combat role.
  • By capturing Points of Interest on the map, you can activate Tactical Skills and help your teammates gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Instead of the classic three-player Platoons, Onslaught features two-player squads. You can also create a team of seven Commanders and fight against an opposing Super Platoon.
  • Onslaught offers two lines of rewards. The first line features a unique progressive 2D style, Dog Tag elements, and more, and is based on your Rank. The second features more traditional, valuable rewards, such as bonds and pieces of equipment, and is based on the number of victories. You'll also be able to earn Battle Pass Points while playing Onslaught.

To make the new mode the perfect place for the best of the best to compete on an equal playing field, we're introducing many new gameplay mechanics. All of them are designed to further enhance Onslaught's competitiveness. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Pre-Battle Lobby

In the pre-battle lobby during the countdown before battle, you can change your selected vehicle. Be sure to prepare it for battle, though—it must be repaired and have a full crew and ammo loaded. You can also select an alternative set of equipment, shells, and consumables. You will also see your vehicle and your allies at the starting positions on the map.

Prestige Points and Vehicle Role Skills

All vehicles in Onslaught have special roles depending on their conduct on the battlefield. During the course of each battle, you earn Prestige Points according to your role and combat performance.

Depending on its role, each vehicle type features a special Role Skill with three levels of charge. All vehicles of the same combat role have the same skills. For example, assault heavy tanks have Field Repairs at their disposal, which, after activation, creates a zone that gradually restores the vehicle's and its teammates' HP within a certain radius. Assault medium tanks can use the Fury skill, which reduces reload time by a few seconds. There are many other Role Skills in the mode, so every vehicle will have the opportunity to better fulfill its purposes on the battlefield.

At the start of a battle, all Role Skills are unavailable. To activate a Role Skill, you need to have at least one level of charge. Perform your best in battles and earn Prestige Points to unlock and improve your Role Skill from level 1 to 3. The higher the charge level, the more powerful the effect of your Role Skill. Upon activation, you spend all accumulated charge. You can reuse your Role Skill after a cooldown.

Prestige Points also affect how many Rating Points you gain or lose, which are needed to advance through the mode's progression.

Maps and Points of Interest

Battles in Onslaught will unfold on the following select set of Random Battle maps:

Sand River
El Halluf
Ghost Town

Some of these maps have been slightly reworked specifically for Onslaught to make the battles more engaging and competitive. We’ve added additional firing and cover positions, passes, etc.

Each map in Onslaught has special Points of Interest called Artillery Headquarters and Communication (Comms) Center. Having captured a Point of Interest, you'll be able to activate a unique Tactical Skill to gain an advantage over your opponents.

  • If you capture the Artillery Headquarters, you can command an Artillery Strike on the selected area, stunning and causing damage to enemy vehicles.
  • Capturing the Comms Center allows you to use Divisional Radar. Upon its activation, all enemy vehicles remain spotted for three seconds.
  • Depending on the map, the location and number of Points of Interest may vary.
  • The Point of Interest capture time is 15 seconds for the Artillery Headquarters and seven seconds for the Comms Center. Only one vehicle can capture a Point of Interest.
  • To reset a Points of Interest’s capture progress, cause HP damage or critical damage to the capturing enemy vehicle. Accordingly, you will lose all capture progress each time you get damaged, and you won’t be able to capture this Point of Interest again for five seconds. However, your allies and opponents can capture this Point of Interest without restriction.
  • If you don’t activate your Tactical Skill, you won’t be able to re-capture the Point of Interest it belongs to.

Fog of War

To make battles even more unpredictable, Onslaught features the Fog of War mechanic. At the beginning of a battle, teams won’t know the location and strength (i.e., vehicle types and models) of the enemy forces until they’re spotted.

Get Ready to Fight in Super Platoons!

Choose to fight solo or create a two-player Platoon with your friend. You can also join a Super Platoon of seven teammates of equal rating and fight against an opposing Super Platoon.

To create a Platoon with your teammate, the difference between the highest and lowest Rating Points value of both players should not exceed 350 Points. If you want to fight as a seven-player Super Platoon, the difference between the highest and lowest Rating Points value among all players should not exceed 490 Points.

Battle Communication

In Onslaught, you will be able to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your tactics via voice chat. This will be disabled by default, but you can enable it with one touch using the "H" key (default) or directly in the mode interface. All players who are in voice chat will be marked with a special icon.

The Platoon/Super Platoon voice chat turns into a team chat upon entering the pre-battle lobby.

If you have not turned off voice communication while in a Platoon, you will be automatically connected to the team chat at the start of the battle.

Compete With Equal-Rating Rivals!

Throughout the Season of the Griffin, your experience and individual mastery will be your main advantages. In Onslaught, the matchmaker will take your position in the mode’s Ranked System into account and automatically find opponents close to your rating. It will assemble teams of equal strength based on their rating gained in Onslaught. As a result, players will clash with each other in intense battles, fighting on an equal playing field to discover who is best.

In Onslaught, the matchmaker evenly distributes players of different Ranks and Divisions. Players who differ by 7 Divisions cannot be matched in the same battle.

Ranked System: Watch Your Mastery Grow!

Set yourself apart from the crowd with the progression system with a rating that shows your performance and reflects the growth of your mastery. The higher it is, the greater your status—and reward!—will be.

The mode’s progression is called Ranked System and consists of Ranks and Divisions. To reach new Ranks and Divisions, you need to win battles and earn Rating Points. Your rating directly depends on your results: The more effectively you battle, the more Rating Points you get for each victory.

You can also lose your earned Rating Points for defeats, draws, abandoning the battle before it ends, or long inactivity in the mode (more on that below).

In total, there are seven Ranks in the mode:

  • Debutant
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Champion
  • Legend

The first five Ranks comprise four Divisions—D, C, B, and A—while the two remaining top Ranks—Champion and Legend—have only one Division.

But the most prestigious and honorable is the Legend Rank. Only 10% of the most skilled and persistent Commanders who manage to enter the mode's Leaderboard will be able to reach this elite ranking.

  • Debutant
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Champion
  • Legend
The Debutant camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
"Wing and Claw" 2D style
FV217 Badger
M48A5 Patton
The Iron camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Dog Tag Element: Prestige Points Engraving
Dog Tag Element: Iron Background
Bronze camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Dog Tag Element: Bronze Background
Additional copy of the "Wing and Claw" 2D style
Silver camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Dog Tag Element: Victories in Onslaught Mode Engraving
Dog Tag Element: Silver Background
Gold camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Dog Tag Element: Gold Background
Additional copy of the "Wing and Claw" 2D style
Champion camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Onslaught Champion badge
Dog Tag Element: Champion Background
25 bonds per day for holding a leaderboard position
Additional copy of the "Wing and Claw" 2D style
Legend camouflage pattern for the "Wing and Claw" style
Onslaught Legend badge
Legend of the Griffin nickname stripe
Dog Tag Element: Legend Background
50 bonds per day for holding a leaderboard position
Additional copy of the "Wing and Claw" 2D style

Leaderboard and Rank Inactivity

Onslaught will feature its own dynamic Leaderboard in the game client. It will only display players who have reached the two top Ranks, Champion and Legend. The player's position on the Leaderboard depends on the number of Rating Points they have earned. If several players have the same number of Rating Points, the player who has played more battles in Onslaught will take the higher position.

If you are not active in the mode for a certain period, the number of Rating Points you've earned will gradually decrease. This mechanic will only apply to Silver, Gold, Champion and Legend Rank players.

In addition, each battle played in these four Ranks rewards you with a certain number of activity charges. These charges gradually fill your activity bar and cannot exceed 14 charges. Activity charges can also be obtained by reaching a Rank for which the rank inactivity mechanics apply (i.e., Silver, Gold, Champion and Legend). If you don't have any activity charges, you will lose a certain number of Rating Points, depending on your Rank.

Season Rewards

Now, to the most tantalizing topic: rewards! The Season of the Griffin brings two lines of rewards.

The first reward line includes unique status customization items that will spark envy in other commanders. To get your hands on these rewards, you need to advance through the progression.

Devastating Damage
Cause 25,000/225,000/550,000 HP of damage in Onslaught
1 "Devastating Damage 1" emblem
1 "Devastating Damage 2" emblem
1 "Devastating Damage 3" emblem
Exhibition Performance
Fight 10/25/50 Onslaught battles in a vehicle with the "Wing and Claw" style
1 "Exhibition Performance 1" emblem
1 "Exhibition Performance 2" emblem
1 "Exhibition Performance 3" emblem
Into the Cap Circle
Earn a total of 250/500/750 base capture/defense points in Onslaught
1 "Into the Cap Circle 1" emblem
1 "Into the Cap Circle 2" emblem
1 "Into the Cap Circle 3" emblem
Tactical Advantage
Capture a total of 15/150/375 Points of Interest as a team in Onslaught (including captures by both the player and their teammates)
1 "Tactical Advantage 1" emblem
1 "Tactical Advantage 2" emblem
1 "Tactical Advantage 3" emblem
Till We Meet Again
Destroy 15/150/300 enemy vehicles in Onslaught
1 "Till We Meet Again 1" emblem
1 "Till We Meet Again 2" emblem
1 "Till We Meet Again 3" emblem

Shoulder to Shoulder
Win 25 battles in a 2-player Platoon in Onslaught
1 "Shoulder to Shoulder" inscription
Old School Cool
Win 5 Onslaught battles as part of a Super Platoon consisting of players from one clan
1 "Old School Cool" inscription
Be the first to destroy an enemy vehicle in Onslaught 10 times
1 "Initiator" inscription
Win 15 Onslaught battles as part of a Super Platoon
1 "7v7" inscription
Hard Boiled
Stand alone against at least 3 enemy vehicles in Onslaught and win
1 "Hard Boiled" inscription
Seek and Destroy
Spot or destroy 750 enemy vehicles in Onslaught
1 "Seek and Destroy" inscription
Be the top player on your team by Prestige Points earned in Onslaught 50 times
1 "Prestige" inscription
Lost Count
Destroy 4 enemy vehicles in one battle in Onslaught
1 "Lost Count" inscription
Veni Vidi Vici
Win an Onslaught battle by destroying all enemy vehicles in under 180 seconds
1 "Veni Vidi Vici" inscription

After you play your first battle in the mode, you will get a unique progressive 2D style that can be applied (and then re-applied, if you wish) to any Tier X vehicle. You will immediately receive Level I of this style. As you reach new Ranks or significant achievements in a specific battle or series of battles, your style will gain new 2D elements, such as emblems, inscriptions (after completing special missions available in Onslaught), and camos.

The maximum Level VII style with the most imposing camo is awarded when you make it to the Legend Rank. In total, you can earn up to five copies of the style during the Season of the Griffin.

Reaching new Ranks will also earn you extra exclusive customizations, including the following:

  • Unique Dog Tag elements, such as Engravings and Backgrounds
  • Cool Griffin mastery badges for reaching the two elite Ranks of Champion and Legend
  • Striking Legend of the Griffin stripe

Plus, players in the Champion and Legend Ranks receive bonds daily as an extra reward.

The second reward line includes valuable in-game goodies (e.g., bonds, pieces of equipment, Personal Reserves, etc.) that you will earn for a certain number of victories in the mode. These treats will be distributed among eight stages. To complete each stage and grab your prizes, you need to win a certain number of battles.

Onslaught Mission

A special mission exclusive to the competitive Onslaught game mode with extra credits as a reward.


  • 50,000 


  • Be among the top 5 on your team by damage dealt


  • Only in Onslaught Battles
  • Only in Tier X vehicles
  • 20 times per account

Finally, after playing your first battle in Onslaught, you will be awarded these three 7v7 rental vehicles:

All rental vehicles are replicas of existing tanks with the same characteristics and properties. They will remain on your account until the end of the Season and will be removed when it’s over.

You'll also be able to earn Battle Pass Points when playing Onslaught.

The Season of the Griffin is approaching fast—prepare your Tier X vehicles, and get ready to prove yourself in thrilling battles!

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