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Old Merits Under New Name. UPDATE 6/06

Nickname change will be available starting June 6th 0:00 UTC and up till June 12th 0:00 UTC. Everybody who doesn’t feel happy about their in-game names anymore can choose a new one for free.

The procedure is pretty simple:

  • First you need to submit a ticket to user support service;
  • You will also need to provide your login and the new nickname. It mustn’t violate the rules and should be unique (if the nickname already exists, you will need to choose another one);
  • The name change will take effect after the next scheduled server restart.

WoT development team sends their congratulations on the upcoming 67th Anniversary of Normandy Landings and wishes you endless victories!

UPD. 6/06  Please, check, whether the desired nickname is not taken yet:

Also please read: 

Please, note that the nickname change is accomplished once only. Applications to change the nickname to the one that already exists will not be considered. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to choose your future nickname carefully.