Holiday Music Album From World of Tanks!


On the eve of the winter holidays, we're delighted to present you with our holiday soundtrack album, World of Tanks OST: Holiday Ops 2021. 

The album is available on all popular streaming services:

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While working on the Holiday Ops 2021 soundtrack, we strived to evoke the same emotions in our players that emerge when watching classic New Year and Christmas movies. That cozy feeling and the festive atmosphere that fills the New Year Garage was achieved thanks to cinematic musical techniques.

Each collection has its own soundtrack, but they are arranged in a way that sounds seamless, as if they were a single melody. As the Festive Atmosphere Level rises, the music in the Garage becomes more vibrant, and on your way to Level X, you will hear four different orchestras!

A special soundtrack was created for the Chuck Norris screen: Christmas Texas melodies resembling country music can be heard from his car.

We wished for the music to not only resonate with the holiday magic season, but also encourage the players to perform new feats in World of Tanks.

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere together with the WoT Music Team! 

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