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October Calendar

General News
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October is upon us and with it come the cool temperatures of autumn. That means it’s time to heat things back up with our hot specials and events for World of Tanks. The coming four weeks will be packed. Check out our calendar below to plan accordingly!

Please note that the main link to the calendar will no longer appear in the overhead banner section on the main page. From now on you’ll be able to find it in a separate box on the right hand side next to the listing of the news articles. Use this button to access the calendar whenever you want to check up on upcoming events!
1234 567
Tank of the Month: Tiger
Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest
Wildcards Contest 
8.0 Reinforcements German Unification Hide and Scout!
  Guess What Easy 8     MM Finals  
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Tank of the Month: Tiger
Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest      
Wildcards Contest           
Hide and Scout!
    Golden Joystick Propaganda Contest
  Guess What Easy 8 Finals   Hispanic Day Special  
          Covering Fire
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
TotM: Tiger Tank of the Month: Tiger II
Golden Joystick Propaganda Contest
  Road to the Golden Joystick
Guess Where 8.0 Challenge Accepted Contest
          Second Battle of El Alamein
          Super 6 Playoffs  
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Tank of the Month: Tiger II
El Alamein       Counter Attack
Road to
Golden Joystick
Guess Where FunCup Playoffs     Super 6 Playoffs  
Propaganda Contest            
29 30 31
Tank of the Month: Tiger II
Counter Attack Guess Where FunCup Final


Tanks of the Month

Two tanks await you this month: This time it’s the powerful German tier VII heavy tank PzKpfw VI Tiger which will earn you 25% more credits in every battle that you use it. For the second half of the month we’ll feature its “big brother” – the German tier VIII heavy tank PzKpfw VIB Tiger II which should prove equally profitable to tankers all over World of Tanks.


eSport events

Funcup. This time, the Funcup is battles using tier 1 starter tanks only!  

Super 6. Win gold with your team in this tournament for tier 6 and below vehicles!

Mangled Metal. Drive absolutely any vehicle you want in this free-for-all clash of the tanks.

Easy 8.  A tournament using the current official league rules.  Get your team together and practice for the big leagues!



8.0 Reinforcements – The long awaited 8.0 update finally arrived and with it come great offers on everything crew related.

German Unification – We celebrate the unification of Germany with awesome specials in the game – no matter if you’re German or not.

Hide and Scout! – Light tanks will be at the center of this special. Don’t miss some great opportunities to save credits and gold on your purchases!

Hispanic Day – A very important day for all Spanish speakers, celebrated on the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's first arrival in the New World, and must be celebrated accordingly in World of Tanks as well. Fittingly we chose to focus on American tanks for this special occasion.

Covering Fire – Bonuses that are nothing short of amazing.

Road to the Golden Joystick – As the award show approaches, we keep giving away great bonuses for our players. Not to be missed!

Second Battle of El Alamein – This special, based on a real historic event from World War II is going to bring you discounts on tanks, increased profits and more Premium for less Gold!

Counter Attack – Go all in and enjoy lovely bonuses as part of our Counter Attack special.



Hunt the Golden Joystick Contest - Join the battle with a tier V- IX tank and participate in this new in-game contest.

Wildcards Contest – Are you a die-hard postcard fan even in the age of texting and emails? Then this contest is what you’ve been waiting for!

Guess Where – After guessing tanks in our Guess What, we invite you to guess maps in our new Guess Where contest.

8.0 Challenge Accepted Contest – See if you’ve got what it takes and can earn yourself the new 8.0 medals in our dedicated 8.0 contest.

Golden Joystick Propaganda Contest - A war can be won with the right propaganda.  So what would your propaganda for World of Tanks look like?


We hope you will like this month's calendar!

Stay tuned for more information.