Take a Look at October's Specials


With the Festival Fair's latest features, September was already full of great bits. But don't worry, October will live up to its legacy with a nice mix of old, new and history-inspired events, as well as one massive special designed for our European players. Take a look at them right below. 

October Specials

  • Top of the Tree
  • German Reunification
  • Eight Nations
  • Trust the French
  • XP Fever
  • Czechoslovak Independence
Top of the Tree

1-31 October: Our monthly special returns, and as always, it will come with great discounts and useful bonuses on a new line!

Remember to make the most of the current Top of the Tree special, featuring the XM551 Sheridan line.
German Reunification

3-6 October: Looking to add new German vehicles to your arsenal? Early October will be one hell of an opportunity, plus a nice way to celebrate a great anniversary. 


Sweet German goodies

Eight Nations

21-30 October: Forget rugby, this is the competition 2019 was waiting for! Pledge your allegiance to one of our in-game nations and compete during 10 amazing days to make your team win tons of rewards.


European exclusive event

Trust the French

12-14 October: Frenchness is about good food, great wine and fast vehicles. Try the latter with this special dedicated to the wheeled vehicles. 


Trade tracks for wheels

XP Fever

19-21 October: The temperature is slowly decreasing, but if you're looking for heat, this is your chance: let the XP Fever rise!


Tons of XP up for Grabs

Czechoslovak Independence

26-28 October: Our second historical milestone of the month! This special will be dedicated to the independence of late Czechoslovakia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Brace yourself for Czechoslovakian sweets.


Czechoslovakian rewards


Roll out!

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