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November Calendar

General News
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Winter is coming, and for the next few months, going outside will mean stepping into the cold. Why not stay at home and play with some virtual tanks instead? We have prepared a bunch of events to make every day in World of Tanks different and interesting. Check out this calendar and prepare your agenda!


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Tank of the Month

Golden Joystick Party

Super 6 Finals
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  Guess Where

Polish Independence
Tank of the Month
Children Contest
Hunt Us Down

    None Shall Pass 
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 None Shall Pass  Fun Cup Finals     Easy 8 Playoffs   
Polish Independence Guess Where

Operation Crusader
Tank of the Month
Children Contest

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Crusader Guess Where  Mangled Metal
Tank of the Month
Hunt Us Down Easy 8 Playoffs

The Great Hunt Contest
The Great Hunt Special
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Tank of the Month

The Great Hunt      
The Great Hunt Guess Where  Mangled Metal WCG 2012


Tank of the Month

This month is dedicated to the Soviet IS. Learn a bit more about it and earn some bonuses in game with it.



This month, don’t miss out on seeing the Super 6 finals and the Fun Cup Finals

Mangled Metal returns - play any vehicle you want in all out destruction.

The next edition of Easy 8 also begins this month - a tournament using the current league rules.

WCG 2012:  Don't miss this worldwide Cyber Game Festival, where the best World of Tanks gamers around the world will gather to fight for fame and cash!



Golden Joystick Party: We won the Golden Joystick Award! Come and party with us in game!

Polish Independence Day: Let’s celebrate with our Polish community. All commanders will enjoy this.

Operation Crusader: This British operation during World War II involved real tanks that you can now drive in game!

The Great Hunt: This is a special combined with a contest… for all the wild ‘animals’ of World of Tanks!



Where’s Willy: Are you ready to find Willy the Tank?

None Shall Pass: The British tanks are now in game, so let’s see what you can do with brand new vehicles.

Children Contest: This contest is for those players who have children. They may want to participate!

Hunt Us Down: Meet the Wargaming members in the battlefields and destroy them!

Guess Where: Every week, work out the name of the tank and the map where it is hidden.

The Great Hunt. Predator and prey. Hunt down those wild ‘animals’ on the battlefields to win prizes.


Have fun all the month long, and roll out!