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New Tanks in WoT has come up with the first article of the series dedicated to World of Tanks vehicles. There wouldn’t be anything special about it, if it wasn’t for the fact that all the tanks described are not in-game yet.

The first article is about the American heavy tank T110. It depicts the history of the vehicle as well as its prospective in World of Tanks.

“Realization of TS-31 project was laid on Chrysler Corp., and its blueprint was called “tank T110 with 120-mm cannon”. The progress of work on this war machine is a visual evidence of the vitality of “classic” design.

First, the U.S. Army rejected the T110 project due to its size, which caused inability to pass a standard tunnel, and bad commander's turret deployment. Then the corporation offered another alternative of layout, where the turret was moved to the middle of the hull, but then transmission problem turned out - the mechanic's cab was placed in the combat. This was inappropriate for the military and that change remained undone,” the historical part of the article goes.

The information on the role of the vehicle in-game is provided by Serghey Burkatovskiy aka SerB, game-designer.   

“GoHa.Ru : Will the running performance of T110 be good in the game? Speed and maneuverability are often as important as a big cannon and thick armor.

SerB : It will be very good, since, as I said earlier, it will be a smaller M103. Generally speaking, the handling of this vehicle will resemble that of IS-7 – it will be a relatively compact, mobile tank with solid armor.” 

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