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New Soviet Tank Destroyer Branch Video

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Version 8.0 will be out soon. The tests have finished and some of you already got a taste of the things to come. However, to make everyone’s chances equal, we have prepared a video highlighting the main strengths and weaknesses of the new vehicles.

Version 8.0 will introduce a new line of Soviet tank destroyers. The new branch will start with the SU-100M1, which will be a tier VII tank destroyer available for research right after the SU-100. After the SU-100M1 you will be able to research the SU-101 and SU-122-54.  The grand finish then comes in the form of the Object 263.

This line of tank destroyers is far different from the first line that everybody is already familiar with. These vehicles are ferocious, fast machines with a huge firepower. However, no vehicles in World of Tanks are flawless. The entire new branch suffers from low armour and in some cases, a lack of roof!  Be careful when driving these vehicles because their survivability isn’t the greatest!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the new video and that soon after the 8.0 release you will be able to drive or meet plenty of these vehicles on the battlefields.

Roll out, commanders!