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A New Producer for Wargaming Europe

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We are very pleased to present our new Producer, Romain Mardot. He wanted the opportunity to introduce himself to the community, so read on for a bit more information from “_Quasar_”:



My name is Romain Mardot, aka “_Quasar_”, and I have recently started a new role as a Producer for World of Tanks. I will be based here at the office in Paris.

It’s a big pleasure for me to work here with people who share the same passion for video games, especially our beloved project – World of Tanks.

I know we have a passionate community here, and that you all have a lot to say and questions to ask in order to contribute to the development and success of our project. Therefore a part of my job, and especially on our forums, will consist of reading, understanding, caring and sharing!

Prior to me, “Overlord” was taking care of this task and I know that he left quite big boots to fill.

I’ve been working for Wargaming for almost a year now and started out as Customer Service Team Lead.  Before that I have worked for 5 years in the video gaming industry and have worked on some very well-known games. I feel privileged to be able to say that I’ve been involved as a gamer, making games for gamers! My first task in taking on this new role will be rolling out some changes that I and the Community Team have already prepared for you – more details to come soon! 

On behalf of all of our teams, I would like to thank you for your continuous support, your passion and your bright ideas.  I hope that we will be a perfect match!

Stay tuned and let’s Roll Out!