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New Physics System Video

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As many of you know, the forthcoming 8.0 update of the game client is literally “knocking on the doors” and with it will come a truly new evolution of gameplay.  In fact, such is the level of excitement that the testing server has been packed with eager players waiting for their turn to test this amazing feature.

Of course, players will need to adapt their tactics to suit the new environment, but in return they will be able to experience and enjoy all the benefits, such as now having a way to escape when trapped on the hill of Mines.  Beware of new obstacles though – you will need to be more careful while driving over rocks in case you damage yourself!

To help you understand the changes that are coming, we have prepared a new video.   This presents an overview of the new physics system, along with a summary of how the changes will affect light, medium and heavy tanks as well as tank destroyers and self-propelled guns.

Note: Subtitles are available in following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and Czech. To switch/activate the subtitles please press button CC and choose the language.

As you can see the new physics will affect the gameplay by a huge amount!  Now, you will have to be more careful because the enemy might just pop up from an unusual direction…

We hope you enjoyed the preview; it is now time to wait for the release! See you on the battlefields!