New Personal Reserves for Frontline


We just added new Personal Reserves to the Common Test. These will boost the amount of earned experience in the Frontline mode. To put it simply: this new Personal Reserve increases the amount of Frontline Experience that you collect in a battle.

Example: +100% Frontline XP for 1 hour. For example, having earned the top rank in a Frontline battle, you will receive 2,400 Frontline Experience, instead of the previous 1,200.

Let's test it!

From 19 July, the Frontline mode will be available in the Common Test so players can receive and test the new Personal Reserves.

How to get it: Any Random Battle will be rewarded with a new Personal Reserve. You can also get them for Gold.

Please note that these Personal Reserves are under development, and all values and ways of receiving them are not final. We will separately inform you about the introduction date for the Frontline Personal Reserves. In the meantime...

Roll out!


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