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New Payment Option: infin-Payment

World of Tanks is glad to inform its players that a new payment option infin-Payment has been added as a matter of convenience. infin-Payment provides access to an easy, quick and secure anonymous telephone payment method for online contents to billions of people the world over. You can pay per call via your landline or mobile phone (available for residents of Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain) or SMS via your mobile phone (available for residents of Germany, Austria) and the charge amount will be added to your telephone bill.

We are going to add more countries to this list. Thus, in the nearest future, residents of the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Norway and Switzerland will be able to pay via infin-Payment, too.

 The benefits of the service are certain, as infin-Payment is:

  • Fast and your payment will be processed in hours not days.
  • Secure as the company deals with payments & fraud protection for online content since 1997.
  • Easy as it does not require a user neither to register, nor to provide any personal information of bank accounts or credit cards.
  • Wide reach

You can read more about infin-Payment method here.

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Good luck on the battlefields!