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New options in the World of Tanks mobile assistant!

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Technology is now very much part of our life and of our gaming experience too. You may already know that the World of Tanks Mobile Assistant for Android is available in Google Play.  For iPhone users, there is a version of the Mobile Assistant available in the Apple Store.

We are pleased to announce that the Mobile Assistant has now been reworked and updated.  This includes some new options for all users which include being able to use the assistant to search clans, check your messages and manage your messages with new buttons.

Here is a list of the brand new features and implemented fixes:

  • Favorite clans. Search clans by name or tag
  • Unread messages indicator and 'Mark all as read' button added to News section
  • Fixed issue with stats widget installation on ICS
  • Fixed issue with vehicle classes list scrolling in Profile
  • Achievements: Now changed to be in the same order and series values as in the game
  • Fixed problems with searching on ICS
  • Fixed crash while opening news articles containing video clips

If you have not downloaded the mobile assistant yet, why not give it a go? Remember, it is totally free!

Don’t miss checking on your game progression no matter where you are!