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New mod source for World of Tanks on!

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Whether you’re a frequent mod user or someone who has never tried to customize your user interface, you can find out more information here to get you started.

Curse is a famous gaming-information website, which provides its visitors with a variety of information such as; news, guild hosting, databases, wikis, forums and especially user interface add-ons (mods) for a lot of MMO games. Curse have now updated their site to include World of Tanks for its mods database, so if you want a specific add-on to enhance your gaming, you can download it here from a known source.

Mods are computer game modifications, usually made by players to customize your interface according to your taste. This can be for a variety of different aspects such as specifically seeing the damage you do to enemy tanks, changing your target reticle style or simply seeing your match results in a different colored font. You can download and install the selected mods in the folder provided for this purpose in your World of Tanks folder.

See all the World of Tanks mods on!

If you want to participate in the mod development or provide some feedback to the mod developers, (even suggesting new mods) don’t hesitate to visit this page!

Mix and match the mods to suit your play style and have fun with a new user interface today!