Wargaming Store: New Supply Drop!

A tank load of new gear lands at the Wargaming Store!

There are few things in this world better than some fresh new gaming supplies, so you’ll be pleased to know that you can now pick up some brand new World of Tanks items from the Wargaming Store!

If you’re after some new threads, there are new tank t-shirts available! The Bat Chat T-Shirt highlights everyone’s favourite swift and stealthy French tank, giving the metal beast a swish, comic book style look. We also have two new additions to the Show Your Colours T-Shirts range, including the US Colours T-Shirt, ideal for hotshot American commanders!

Two World of Tanks themed glass steins, with designs based on the game’s logo and the T-62A, bring an air of Viking-esque coolness to whatever you choose to drink from them!

To the Wargaming Store!

Head over to the Wargaming Store to check out these brand new items, and even more from our bustling virtual store shelves!

Roll Out!